Amazon Is Offering $200 Off the 65-Inch Model of Its Latest QLED Fire TV

Considering Amazon’s growing selection of streaming devices and original shows and movies, it was only a matter of time before it started making its own TVs as well. The online retailer released its first smart TVs last year and just recently released its latest model — the new Omni QLED series TV. And right now you have a chance to pick it up on sale. You can save $200 on the 65-inch model when you use the promo code QLED65 at checkout, which drops the price down to $600. There’s no clear-cut expiration on this deal, but considering this is Amazon’s latest model, we don’t expect it to last long. We’d recommend getting your order in soon if you’re hoping to grab one at this price. 

This Fire TV features a stunning 4K UHD quantum dot display, and boasts the best resolution of any Amazon TV to date. It also features support for Dolby Vision IQ, as well as HDR10 Plus Adaptive, HDR10 and HLG for vibrant colors and deep, rich blacks. And the picture isn’t the only thing that’s been upgraded on this new model. It now has adaptive brightness, a new feature that uses a built-in sensor to automatically optimize the brightness based on the lighting in the room for the best viewing experience. Plus, it has a new “ambient experience” mode that converts the TV into a digital picture frame and bulletin board that you can customize with personal photos, convenient Alexa widgets and a selection of free artwork. And like the original Omni TV, it also has a built-in microphone so you can control your TV completely hands-free. You can pair it with Echo speakers for immersive sound as well. 

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