Amazon Knocks Up to $180 Off Its Already Affordable Fire TV 4-Series

Amazon already makes some of our favorite streaming devices on the market, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when it started manufacturing its own TVs as well. Amazon’s Fire TVs first hit shelves in 2021, and the affordable 4-Series has earned a spot on our list of the best budget TVs available. Right now, you’ve got a chance to pick one up for even less. Amazon has knocked up to 38% off the price of its 50-inch and 55-inch models, dropping the prices down to $280 and $340 respectively. There’s no set expiration for these deals, so you may want to get your order in sooner rather than later if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

The Fire TV 4-Series is a solid choice if you’re just after the basics. It has a 4K ultra HD display, and features one of the brightest screens and best pictures for gaming that you’ll find in this price range. It also supports HDR10 and Dolby Digital Plus for vibrant colors, sharp contrast and immersive audio. It’s equipped with three HDMI ports, including an eARC port for soundbars and speakers, and the remote even has a built-in microphone with Alexa for easy hands-free browsing. It’s powered by Amazon’s Fire OS, and comes with Prime Video, Netflix, Disney Plus and more apps so you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies right out of the box.

And if this isn’t the TV that you’re looking for, you can check out our roundup of all the best cheap TV deals for even more bargains on budget-friendly models.

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