Apple Kills Off the Apple TV HD

The Apple TV HD had a long life, but after hanging around for seven years Apple is finally ready to put it out to pasture. The move was revealed Tuesday when Apple’s online store no longer listed the Apple TV HD as available for sale. The only streaming device currently available at Apple’s site is now the new Apple TV 4K

Last given a specs update back in 2015, the aging box was still sold in late 2022 at $149, and discounted as low as a still-expensive $79, despite not being capable of streaming content in 4K. Apple gave the box a slight repackaging last year to include its new Siri Remote, but still kept the sky-high price and aging A8 processor (similar to the one found in the iPhone 6 that was released in 2014) the same. 

In our latest review of the Apple TV HD last year, the device did a fine job opening and playing all the major streaming apps — but did so at a significantly cheaper Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Google Chromecast. Asking the Apple TV HD to do anything more, like play an Apple Arcade game, and you quickly saw how limited the box was. 

With the much more powerful Apple TV 4K running an updated A12 processor and just $30 more at the time, it begged the question of why anyone would even want the Apple TV HD anymore? If you already are fine with spending over $100 on a streaming device, that delta probably doesn’t matter when the experience on the 4K version is so much better. 

It took some time, but Apple seems to finally have gotten the message by lowering the price on the new Apple TV 4K and finally killing off its HD cousin. RIP Apple TV HD, you had a good run. 

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Preorders are now open for the new Apple TV 4K with prices starting at $129. Devices will begin shipping on Nov. 4. 

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