Apple Reveals New MacBook Air Powered by M2 Chip – Video

Apple Reveals New MacBook Air Powered by M2 Chip

Apple Reveals New MacBook Air Powered by M2 Chip

Speaker 1: The fact that we’re already starting our next generation of apple Silicon for the Mac is remarkable. So now let’s talk about the first Mac to get the M two chip. We’re thrilled that it’s our most loved Mac. The MacBook air users love MacBook air for its great performance portability and battery life. It defined the category of thin and light notebooks. And within one, it redefined what a thin and light notebook could do today. It’s more popular than ever. In fact, MacBook [00:00:30] air is the world’s best selling laptop. Apple Silicon enables us to design products. We never could have imagined, which is why we’re so excited to introduce an all new MacBook air completely redesigned around M two. And here it is

Speaker 2: Let,

Speaker 1: [00:01:30] This is the new MacBook air powered by M two. And to tell you all about it, here’s Kristen,

Speaker 3: The new MacBook air takes everything. Our users love about the air to the next level. The wed shape of the previous air has evolved into a new design. That’s strikingly thin from every angle. The durable all aluminum unit body enclosure feels incredibly solid when you hold it and is built to last. And this [00:02:00] remarkably thin design integrates its component so efficiently that it results in an astonishing 20% reduction in volume. Over the previous air. The new air is just 11.3 millimeters thin or under half an inch. And it’s only 2.7 pounds. MacBook air now comes in four finishes, silver space, gray, a gorgeous Starlight, and a stunning midnight. And yes, mag safe is back for dedicated [00:02:30] charging and peace of mind when you’re plugged in. And it keeps the two Thunderbolt ports free for connecting to a variety of accessories. There’s also an audio Jack with support for high impedance headphones.

Speaker 3: This all new design is incredibly portable and it’s loaded with new features, starting with a brilliant liquid retina display. We expanded the display closer to the sides and up around the camera to make room for the menu bar. The result is a larger [00:03:00] 13.6 inch display with much thinner borders, giving users more screen real estate to view their content in brilliant detail at 500 knits. It’s also 25% brighter than before and MacBook air now supports 1 billion colors. So photos and movies look incredibly vibrant. Next, let’s talk about the camera. Having a great camera is more important than ever these days. So MacBook air features [00:03:30] a new 10 80 P camera with twice the resolution and twice the lowlight performance of the previous air combined with the processing power of M two’s advanced image signal processor. You’ll look great on video calls next step audio to fit inside such a thin design.

Speaker 3: The speakers and mics are completely integrated between the keyboard and display all while delivering an even better audio experience. A three mic array captures [00:04:00] clean audio using advanced beam forming algorithms. And there’s a four speaker sound system that produces amazing stereo separation and vocal clarity. There’s also support for immersive spa, facial audio for music and movies with Doby Atmos. The magic keyboard features a full height function row with touch ID. And of course the new air has a spacious industry leading force touch track pad. And when it comes to performance, [00:04:30] M two takes it even further. So applying filters and effects and apps like Photoshop is up to 20% faster than before, and a massive five times faster for customers that haven’t yet upgraded to apple Silicon and for intensive workloads like editing complex timelines and final cut pro performance is nearly 40% faster than the previous air.

Speaker 3: Thanks to the power efficiency of M two. All these capabilities are built into a silent fan [00:05:00] design and even with a larger display and increased performance, the air delivers the same great all day battery life with up to 18 hours of video playback, there’s also some new charging options, including a compact power adapter with two USBC ports. So you can charge two devices at once. And for the first time, the air supports fast charge with an available 67 wa adapter. So you can charge up to 50% [00:05:30] in just 30 minutes. So that’s the all new amazingly portable and powerful MacBook air it’s thinner, lighter and faster with a durable uni body design, bigger display, better camera all day battery life, and four beautiful finishes. It’s everything you could want in a new MacBook air.

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