Apple Shows Latest iPad OS – Video

Apple Shows Latest iPad OS

Apple Shows Latest iPad OS

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Speaker 1: Our vision for iPad OS is to create a distinct experience. That’s built on the best of iOS, like security mobility, and an intuitive touch. First interface with powerful capabilities from Mac OS like multitasking and trackpad support combined with features like apple pencil that are uniquely iPad. All of this comes together to deliver our most versatile device this year in iPad [00:00:30] O S 16, we have a big release. That’s going to take this versatility even further, starting with a host of features that you heard about earlier in iOS and Mac OS that are going to be great on iPad, like shared photo library, shared tab groups and pass keys in safari, and a big update to mail. We’re also bringing weather to iPad, taking full advantage of the stunning display with beautiful animations. Like these gently moving clouds, heavy snowfall [00:01:00] and driving rain. And all of these modules are tappable to access detailed information.

Speaker 1: And for developers we’re announcing weather kit so they can build weather into their apps. iPad O S 16 also includes new ways to collaborate with others, more capable apps and new features for pro users that take advantage of the power of the M one ship. So let’s start with collaboration, which often begins in messages. When you’re asked to pass along [00:01:30] a document, of course you could send a copy, but now you can also instantly kick off a collaboration. When you send something with a share sheet, this makes initiating collaboration across the system. As easy as sending a link and means a conversation with your collaborators is always just a tap away. Let me show you how it works.

Speaker 1: So let’s tap into messages. I’ve been talking to the team about an upcoming offsite, and we’ve been using this conversation [00:02:00] to figure out the details. Now it looks like a message just came in from lo and he wants to catch up on the latest over here in pages. I’ve been collecting our ideas. I wanna share this with the group in the past. When I tap, share, I’d end up sharing a copy, but now you’ll notice I can start collaboration right here. And what’s great is I don’t need to type in a bunch of names or email addresses. When I select a messages group, everyone gets added automatically. [00:02:30] Let’s go ahead and send it. This makes it way easier to collaborate with people you’re already communicating with. Everyone can immediately join and start making edits like the ones you see here and back in the messages conversation. I even get a notice of any changes I might have missed when you collaborate this way, your document is connected to the conversation. The group appears in the toolbar, and I can kick off communication right from here. I [00:03:00] can get back to the messages, conversation, or initiate a FaceTime call. Let’s go ahead and call the group.

Speaker 2: Hey everyone. Hi. Hey Craig.

Speaker 1: Hey, I saw that a few of you were in the document. Does anyone have any other ideas for the offsite?

Speaker 3: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve been collecting a few tabs. I’m gonna share ’em right now with you in safari.

Speaker 1: Thanks a lot. This year, you can start collaborating with the group right in FaceTime. You can [00:03:30] see that lo just invited me to collaborate on a set of tabs in safari. I’m gonna go ahead and accept his invite. And now I can get to them in safari. Just like with the pages document, everyone in the group automatically has access. I can see Anne and Mindy joining the tab group, and I can even see which tabs people are looking at right in the tab bar looks like Mindy is checking out. Kayaking,

Speaker 3: Found a few more. Check these out.

Speaker 1: When lo adds tabs, [00:04:00] they instantly appear so we can all check them out. Let’s see, we already did this last year, but ziplining looks cool. Alright, team, let’s wrap this up and update our document with the latest ideas. Looks like Anne is updating the text and Mindy just dropped in an image. So we’re all set.

Speaker 1: So that’s a quick look at some of the new ways you can work together with collaboration in [00:04:30] iPad, OS 16, in addition to pages and safari, these new collaboration features will work with a variety of apps like notes and keynote. And for developers, there’s a new API to integrate collaboration in their apps. And these features will also be coming to iOS and Mac OS. Of course, when you’re collaborating live, sometimes you want a space where you can brainstorm and capture ideas as they strike. So today we’re giving you a sneak peek at a brand new [00:05:00] app called freeform coming later this year, to tell you all about it. Here’s Elizabeth.

Speaker 4: We have so many great ways to collaborate, but up until now, you didn’t have a space to work in a place for group sessions, project planning, home renovations, or school projects. Now you can be on a FaceTime call and with a tap, you’re all collaborating live on a free form board. You can add almost anything to a board it’s perfect for brainstorming [00:05:30] sessions, jotting down notes, sharing files, or even creating diagrams with others. It’s flexible limited only by your imagination. As others begin adding their thoughts. You can see their live cursors showing you right where they’re working. And if someone is in another part of freeform, you can just tap to jump straight to where they are on the board. And anytime you need more space, move around, simply using touch or focus on. What’s really important with a pinch of, with a full compliment of drawing tools. You can sketch [00:06:00] or write a note anywhere you’d like with apple pencil and with all the powerful tools to create content on iPad. Freeform is a great place to pull it all together, including photos, video, audio documentss, web links, pretty much anything you need to work with can be brought onto your board. And you can preview right in line, including multipage documents and high resolution videos, giving you everything. You need to bring your ideas to life right at your fingertips. [00:06:30] And that’s a sneak peek at free form. Back to you. Craig egg

Speaker 1: Freeform is going to be a great way to brainstorm your ideas with others. And we’re building it right into iPad. OS Mac OS and iOS later this year, of course, the versatility of iPad means you can seamlessly move from being productive to gaming with it’s stunning display built in sensors and support for your favorite game controller. iPad provides a great gaming [00:07:00] experience and the M one chip delivers high performance graphics, enabling immersive games like divinity, original sin two in iPad, west 16. We have some great updates to gaming starting with metal three, which brings the same metal FX, upscaling and fast resource loading API to iPad that we talked about earlier with Mac OS, there’s also a new API that lets games download large assets in the background, enabling [00:07:30] you to multitask while the download completes. Another important aspect to gaming on iPad is how it brings us together.

Speaker 1: Tens of thousands of games use game center to help us play with our friends or compete against each other. It’s easy to jump right in and play without creating a new account using your game center profile. You can find friends to play with compare scores on leaderboards and track progress through achievements. And now we’re bringing [00:08:00] activity to the game center dashboard. You can see what your friends are playing highlights of their achievements, and even find out when they beat your high score. So, you know, when it’s time to take your game to the next level and get back on top and all of this activity appears on your game center profile game center has always supported playing together in real time. Now share play makes it simple to join and play in a multiplayer game. Using game center, just start a share play session [00:08:30] and bring your friends right in these new game center features will be coming to an update to iPad O S 16 later this year.

Speaker 1: And we’re also bringing them to iOS and Mac OS. The versatility of iPad makes it great for so many things. And a big part of that is apps. This year, we’re continuing our work to make iPad apps more capable with desktop class apps. While many iPad apps have their origins in [00:09:00] iOS over the years, they’ve taken on their own unique capabilities, optimized for the iPad’s larger display in iPad OS 16, we scoured the entire system adding enhancements across the board from system elements and interactions to new features you use on Mac and want on iPad. Let me highlight a few of them. Undo, redo across the system availability view in calendar find and merge cards [00:09:30] and create lists in contacts. And we have a big update to files with some of the most requested features such as the ability to change file extensions view, folder size and more.

Speaker 1: We’ve also added system wide features that deliver improvements across apps, starting with a redesign find and replace experience that works in line a document menu in apps like files, pages, and keynote that reveals common actions. You may want to take such as duplicate rename, export, [00:10:00] and print, and for the first time ever customizable toolbars in iPad OS. So you can add the tools that matter to you most. And for developers, we’ve created new APIs, so they can build these capabilities right into their own apps. These features will help you be more productive, and we have another feature for Mac that will be great for creative pros on iPad. And that is reference color. The liquid retina XDR display in our latest 12.9 [00:10:30] inch. iPad pro is great for professional color workflows and with iPad O S 16, we are introducing reference mode, which meets the color requirements in workflows like review and approve color grading and compositing where accurate colors and consistent image quality are critical.

Speaker 1: So whether you prefer using iPad pro as a standalone device, or as a second display with sidecar reference mode provides a consistent reference workflow across your [00:11:00] pro devices, making iPad pro and indispensable tool for creative professionals. Now, I wanna turn our attention to a set of features enabled by the performance of the M one chip in our latest iPad pro and iPad air features for people who push the versatility of iPad to the limit. Pros are always wanting more space to work with. So we’re adding a new display scaling setting, which allows you to increase the pixel density [00:11:30] of the display. So you can view more in your apps, which is particularly helpful when using split view. We also wanna enable you to do more in apps, our latest iPad air and iPad pro come with a ton of Ultrafast memory and storage, iPad O S 16, add support for virtual memory swap, meaning your iPad storage can be used to expand the available memory for all apps and delivers up to 16 gigabytes of memory to the most demanding apps [00:12:00] with technologies like display scaling and virtual memory swap. We have the foundation for a big leap forward in user experience. One that can change how our pro users get work done on iPad. So we are bringing stage manager, our latest windowing system that you just saw in Mac OS to iPad OS stage manager takes multitasking on iPad to a whole new level by making it more nimble and unlocking full external display [00:12:30] support. I’d like to show it to you now

Speaker 1: Today on iPad. When you use apps, you get the full screen experience that we’re all familiar with. Like in photos here with stage manager activated, I can now resize windows exposing a powerful new way to work with apps on iPad and the doc is visible so I can easily get to all my apps. Let’s open music. You’ll notice that all my recently used apps appear on the left. [00:13:00] So switching between them is really fast. And stage manager gives me powerful new layout capabilities to create my ideal workspace. For the first time on iPad, I can work with overlapping windows. I’m gonna drag messages alongside calendar here. And stage manager automatically moves calendar gently off to the side as I bring it to the stage. And if I move messages to the left stage manager, repositions calendar for me [00:13:30] automatically, and like you saw earlier, I can resize windows and arrange everything just the way I want. And it gets even better. When I plug my iPad into an external display,

Speaker 1: My wallpaper beautifully fills the entire display and I can move my cursor to it from my iPad. I have the doc here too. So let’s go ahead and launch keynote. When I do, I, once again, enter stage manager [00:14:00] now on an even bigger canvas, all that additional screen real estate is so useful when working on a presentation and keynote. And it’s amazing when you’re working with a set of apps, I can create groups of three and even four windows. This is just incredibly powerful between my iPad and my external display. I can have up to eight apps running on screen simultaneously, and I can take advantage of the unique capabilities of each of these displays. [00:14:30] For instance, I’m working on this keynote document and I wanna add a drawing from procreate here on my iPad. I can use apple pencil to add a finishing touch to my drawing, and now I can jump back into the gallery and then drag and drop across displays and into my deck. And that’s a quick look [00:15:00] at stage manager. It’s an entirely new way to multitask with multiple overlapping windows, flexible window sets, fast app switching, and full external display support. And that’s iPad OS 16, a big release with exciting updates to many of the built in apps. Weather app comes to iPad new ways to collaborate and be productive, great features for pro users, including stage manager and so much more.

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