Best Android Phones of 2022: Samsung, Google, OnePlus and More – Video

Best Android Phones of 2022: Samsung, Google, OnePlus and More

Best Android Phones of 2022: Samsung, Google, OnePlus and More

Speaker 1: There’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to Android phones with options from Samsung, Google OnePlus, and more. It can be hard to know where to start. Which phone you choose depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what you want from a phone. Luckily, we’ve tested a bunch of Android phones throughout 2022 to help you make that decision. The Galaxy S 22 Ultra Pixel seven and one plus 10 Pro [00:00:30] are all among our favorite phones, and here’s why.

Speaker 1: The Galaxy S 22 Ultra is our favorite top of the line. Android phone usually priced at $1,200. It’s one of the most expensive phones on this list, but for good reason. It has a bright 6.8 inch screen and an Spen stylist you can store inside the phone just like on Samsung’s previous Galaxy Note devices. But what really makes the [00:01:00] S 22 Ultra Shine is its camera. All of Samsung’s Galaxy S 22 devices capture better night mode photos, but the Ultra is the only one with the 100 X digital Zoom. Those super close shots may not be the sharpest, but the S 22 Ultra has an incredible range for those who love taking photos from a distance. Samsung is also giving the S 22 lineup four generations of software support, which means it’ll get Android version updates for even longer than Google’s pixel devices. Just [00:01:30] be warned, this phone is expensive and the battery life could be better for the price, but if you want a phone with a giant screen and an excellent camera, this is the one to get.

Speaker 1: If the Galaxy S 22 Ultra is out of your budget, you can’t go wrong with the $900 Pixel seven Pro. Google perfected a winning formula with the Pixel seven Pro. The cameras are superb. The new design gives it a fresh look, and you get a spacious 6.7 inch screen. While [00:02:00] it doesn’t have the 100 x zoom you’ll get on the S 22 Ultra or an included stylist. The Pixel seven Pro has its own extras. Google is adding a free VPN for Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro owners, and the camera also comes with editing features that feel really practical in everyday use, like Photo on Blur, which sharpens older photos. But like the Galaxy S 22 Ultra, the Pixel seven Pro could benefit from longer battery life, which is the only real downside. The Galaxy [00:02:30] S 22 plus has the right balance of size, performance, and camera quality for most people.

Speaker 1: To me, this feels like Samsung’s real flagship phone. The Ultra is for people who love giant phones, while the regular S 22 is for those who like smaller phones, the S 22 plus is just right. It has a 6.6 inch screen making it almost as large as the iPhone 14 promax, but it somehow feels more compact. Both the S 22 and S 22 2 plus have new 50 [00:03:00] megapixel cameras with better color and night mode photography. It’ll make a huge difference to those upgrading from an older Samson phone. The main drawback is that it’s kind of expensive. It’s $1,000 at regular price without a discount or trade-in making it $100 more expensive than the Pixel seven Pro.

Speaker 1: The Pixel seven is one of the best phones out there for the price. At $600, it’s [00:03:30] hundreds of dollars less than many other options on this list. It’s the right choice if you really want a relatively basic experience that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of a premium phone, but still has more to offer than a budget phone. With the Pixel seven, you’ll get a 50 megapixel main camera with improved Zoom quality over the pixel six a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, Google’s new tensor G2 processor, and a 6.3 inch screen. If you want a dedicated telephoto lens, you’ll have to go with a more expensive [00:04:00] device like the Pixel seven Pro or one of Samsung’s Galaxy S 22 s. But as is the case with the Pixel seven Pro, it’s really the Google specific features that make the Pixel seven stand out, like Photo one blur the built in VPN and the Google Assistant. The downsides are largely the same as the Pixel seven Pros. The battery life still feels a little short, and Samsung offers longer Android version support.

Speaker 1: The Galaxy S 22 is the [00:04:30] best Android phone for people who prefer smaller devices. It has a 6.1 inch screen, but somehow feels more compact than other phones of the same size. It also has a lot of the same specs as the more expensive S 22 plus such as a triple lens camera with a 50 megapixel main camera and a screen with a high refresh rate, it usually costs $800 without a trade in putting it roughly in the same league as the iPhone 14. I know I’ve said this for just about every phone on this list, but believe me when [00:05:00] I say that you’ll wanna consider Battery Life before buying the Galaxy S 22. It’s the smallest device in Samsung’s lineup, which means it also has the smallest battery. If you have the refresh rate set to high, you might find yourself struggling to get through a full day.

Speaker 1: The Pixel six A feels a lot more expensive than it actually is. It’s only $450, but it packs a lot of value for that price. It has a similar design as the Pixel six and the same tensor processor [00:05:30] along with a 12.2 megapixel main camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. That’s a step down from the 50 megapixel camera you’ll find on the Pixel six and seven, but in my testing, the camera was much better than the Galaxy A 53 s, which is a similarly priced phone from Samsung. Overall, the Pixel six A is our favorite Android phone for under $500. Just remember, you’ll be missing wireless charging and premium features like a dedicated telephoto camera.

Speaker 1: [00:06:00] The one plus 10 pros, slick design, fast performance, and reasonable $800 price. Make it a great choice. The battery lasts all day. It has a vibrant 6.7 inch screen, and you’ll get a main ultra wide and telephoto camera. It also has 65 wat fast charging, meaning it should charge faster than the Galaxy S 22 lineup. However, the camera isn’t quite as good as what you’d get from Samsung and Google, but it should be fine for casual photographers. [00:06:30] Some features are also limited depending on which model you buy. For example, the water resistance rating is only available on the T-Mobile model and US shoppers will miss out on one Plus’s 80 wat fast charging.

Speaker 1: In a world where most smartphones look the same, the nothing phone one easily stands out. The flashing L e D lights on the back are enough to separate this phone from most of its competitors, but the nothing phones [00:07:00] flashy design isn’t the main reason why it made our list. It’s that combined with the phones, clean software and 50 megapixel cameras, which are solid for the price, but the price that translates to roughly $480. The Nothing Phone one is also one of the cheapest phones on this list. However, you can’t buy the Nothing phone in the us, so you’re out of luck unless you live in the UK or Europe.

Speaker 1: The Galaxy fold for is Samsung’s best [00:07:30] foldable, yet at a regular price of $1,800. It’s probably still too expensive for most people, but if you want a phone that can also double as a small tablet and are willing to pay the price for it, the Z fold four is the way to go. Samsung’s newest Z fold has a slightly wider cover screen, an upgraded 50 megapixel main camera, and a more durable design. There are also some new software tricks that make better use of the device’s big screen like a doc for easily accessing apps. The Galaxy [00:08:00] Z fold four is great for those who want the largest screen possible and don’t mind making some compromises to get it. For example, the phone still feels thick when closed. You have to buy the Spen separately, and there are still plenty of apps that aren’t optimized for the fold four screen ratio.

Speaker 1: The Galaxy Z Flip four is a minor improvement over Samsung’s flip phone from last year. It has a newer processor, slightly longer battery life, and some new features for the cover screen. Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip [00:08:30] offers the most polished experience of any foldable we’ve used yet, and it’s a great choice if you want a phone that can easily shrink down to fit in your pocket. That said, there are still some caveats to be aware of. The battery life is better than before, but it still isn’t great, and the ultra wide and selfie cameras are just average.

Speaker 1: The Sony Xperia Pro is truly for professionals and it doesn’t come cheap. It costs around $2,000, but [00:09:00] for that price, you essentially get three products in one, a phone, a camera monitor, and a file transfer device. Unlike most phones, it has an H D M I connection so that it can serve as a field monitor for your professional camera. It’s a compelling device for creatives that want a phone that can double as a camera companion, but you’ll have to be willing to spend much more than you would on the average phone. So which Android phone are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more advice and recommendations. Thanks [00:09:30] for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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