Best iPad Deals: Save $99 on Latest iPad Air or iPad Mini and More

From the 8.3-inch iPad Mini to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, there’s an iPad that’s the right fit for your tablet needs. While there might not be one “perfect” iPad, the latest iPad is a good place to start your iPad shopping. The newest 10th-gen iPad along with the iPad Pro models have larger screens and faster processors, but if you’re looking for a more kid-friendly ninth-gen iPad or iPad Mini, there are bigger savings to be had.

The most affordable iPad remains that ninth-gen, 10.2-inch iPad, even at its full price of $329 — and it’s even more affordable at $270 right now at Best Buy. This previous-gen iPad features the A13 Bionic chip, Apple’s True Tone display, an improved front-facing camera and an increase in internal storage. 

Like the ninth-gen iPad, the sixth-gen iPad Mini was released a year ago, but it’s yet to receive an update. It was redesigned with an 8.3-inch display, A15 Bionic chip, a USB-C charging port for a quick charge and a power button with Touch ID that makes it feel brand-new even in 2022. It’s currently discounted by $99 right now at Best Buy.

The latest iPad Air from early 2022 is sometimes on sale, and a great choice as a more affordable iPad Pro alternative. Its M1 processor makes it fast, but it lacks the better, faster-refreshing displays of the iPad Pro models. You can also save a hefty $99 on it right now — a combination of an initial discount at Amazon plus added savings at checkout.

Discounts for iPad Pros are less inviting at the moment. The regular $50 discount for the 11-inch iPad Pro is currently trimmed to only $30. You save $50 right now on the 12.9-inch Pro, which can frequently be found at a $100 discount.

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As iPad pricing continues to fluctuate, we will update this list with the best prices. 

Best iPad deals

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The basic, 10.2-inch iPad from 2021 is still good. While it doesn’t have the newer design and USB-C support of the rest of the iPad line, the value for performance here makes this iPad deal one worth getting for kids. It’s our top budget iPad pick. Even at its full price it’s affordable, but you can nab one at $60 off right now via Best Buy. And you can save $80 on the higher-capacity 256GB model.

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Apple’s most recent iPad gets a slight savings. The newer 10th-gen model has a faster processor, better landscape-centered camera for video chats, a larger screen and USB-C charging. But you need a weird dongle to charge the Apple Pencil (and it lacks Pencil 2 support). Keep in mind, too, that the base 64GB storage isn’t enough unless you’re planning on keeping most things in the cloud. Best Buy occasionally drops the price by $50, but has it at full price right now. The best you’ll do is save $9 at Amazon on the baseline model in blue.

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The iPad Mini received a complete overhaul last year. The new design has rounded edges, thin bezels and no home button. The power button on the side now has Touch ID, and the Lightning port has been replaced by a USB-C charging port. This sixth-gen Mini runs on the A15 Bionic chip (same as the iPhone 13) and serves up an improved and slightly larger 8.3-inch display and better cameras than the older, fifth-gen Mini. You can save a hefty $99 across all configurations at Best Buy right now.

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The 10.9-inch iPad Air, released earlier this year, has a fast M1 chip, an auto-zooming Center Stage front camera and, except for its display, it feels nearly like an iPad Pro. It’s our favorite midrange iPad model if the Pro feels too expensive. You can save $99 on the baseline 64GB model in most color options. There’s a partial discount up front and an additional savings at checkout to arrive at the $99 discount. You can also save $99 on the 256GB model in select colors.

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The latest 11-inch iPad with the M2 processor is discounted by $30 at Amazon, which is $20 less than the usual $50 price break we’ve been seeing. Similarly slight price breaks can be found on some of the higher-capacity models if you need more storage.

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You can save $50 at Amazon right now on Apple’s latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an upgraded M2 processor. This super-large-screened iPad is unique for its Mini-LED display, which looks even more vivid and has more OLED-like black levels. The 2022 iPad Pro also supports a new “hover” feature that recognizes the Pencil when it’s close proximity to the screen — a feature that’s not used much yet, but art apps might start adopting. Amazon is offering $50 in savings at checkout. Similar deals are available on some of the higher-capacity models, too.

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