Best Soundbar Deals for Cyber Monday 2022: $80 Roku Streambar, $359 Sonos Beam and More

The best and easiest way to improve the sound quality of your television is to invest in a soundbar. Installation is easy — just a single cable — and with this year’s Cyber Monday sales, soundbars are more affordable too.

The best deal we’ve seen so far is the Roku Streambar — a combo 4K streamer and soundbar that’s now $80 (save $50). But that’s not the only good deal to be had in 2022, with $100 off the excellent Polk Signa S3 and $90 off the Dolby Atmos-toting Sonos Beam Gen 2.

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A combination soundbar and 4K HDR streamer, Roku’s Streambar is an excellent way to “smartify” a bedroom TV with improved sound and streaming in one fell swoop. This compact speaker will outperform the sound in just about any television, and is especially good at elevating hard-to-understand dialogue. 

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We love the Sonos Beam around these parts, but even at $359 it’s pretty pricey. The Samsung HW-S61B is the Korean giant’s take on a virtual Dolby Atmos soundbar, and its on sale for Cyber Monday. We haven’t tested the HW-S61B but the white Amazon-exclusive looks good on paper with its dedicated center speaker, wireless TV connection and AirPlay streaming.

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The Polk Signa S3 offers excellent music reproduction as well as superb movie sound. At $199 it represents a top-tier value. 

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Another great soundbar, this time from Klipsch, and one with arguably the best design of anything here. The Cinema 400 offers exposed, horn-loaded tweeters and a large subwoofer, but sound quality hasn’t been forgotten either. This soundbar is an excellent performer. 

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At $500 the Vizio M512a-H6 was already a steal but with an extra $150 off it’s the best Dolby Atmos deal available for this holiday season. It offers dedicated height channels as well as a powerful sub and surround sound. It sounds better than anything else near the price.

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The Sonos Beam Gen 2 is a solid performer, and it’s loaded with features too. It offers convincing Dolby Atmos height effects and a wealth of streaming services on tap. At $90 off it’s a great deal. 

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Compact and offering powerful movie sound the Vizio V21 is another undeniable bargain from the venerable TV manufacturer. 

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The Zvox Accuvoice AV357 offers excellent dialog reproduction in a compact cabinet. Great for people who need a little help in hearing mumbly TV shows.

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The Vizio Elevate is our favorite high-end Dolby Atmos soundbar and it’s now at its lowest price ever. It offers exceptional sound quality, a very stylish build and true surround sound. What this soundbar doesn’t do, you don’t need.

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Bose makes some excellent soundbars, and the Smart Soundbar 600 goes toe to toe with the Sonos Arc with great Dolby Atmos performance. With great streaming options this Bose is an excellent all around package  

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