Check Out the Three Best TVs for Every Budget – Video

Check Out the Three Best TVs for Every Budget

Check Out the Three Best TVs for Every Budget

Speaker 1: So there’s a whole bunch of TVs out there, but trust me, these three are the best. The TCL six series, the lg C2 OED tv, and the Visio V Seers are my picks for the best TVs at various price levels in 2022. They combine great picture, quality, excellent features, and most of all really good value for the money. Let’s take a look.

Speaker 1: I’ll start right at the high end with the lgc two OED [00:00:30] tv. This thing has the best picture quality of any TV I’ve ever tested. Now there’s a couple other OED TVs out there competing with it, but this thing is also a really good price. So the LGC two comes in sizes from 42 all the way up to 83 inches, and that’s a really good range. A lot of OED TVs are much more restricted in their size range. So that’s one cool thing in the C2 S favor. The sixties, five inch size you see here under 2000, significantly less during the holiday buying season. So again, not super expensive [00:01:00] for this exceptionally good level of picture quality. The secret, it’s oed, the organic lighting diode technology in this TV screen outperforms the Q L E D L E D TVs out there. Those things can get a little bit brighter.

Speaker 1: Yeah, but the OED TV has the best contrast overall picture quality. The reason is because it can produce perfect black levels. So organic light emitting diodes don’t emit any black. So that gives you really great contrast, really great punch. This TV has excellent color and it looks [00:01:30] great from any angle. So some LCD TVs, you look at it from the side, they fade out, not really happening on these OED TVs. So another thing that really stands out about the C2 is its gaining features. Yes, it has those inputs you’d expect from a high end TV, including 4k, 120 hertz variable refresh rate, all the goodies that work really well with your PlayStation five or Xbox Series X. But this TV also has some great features on the screen. If you go into the gaming mode, you can set different picture modes just for gaming, like real time strategy, first person shooter, et cetera.

Speaker 1: And you [00:02:00] can play around with seeing what those things actually are on the screen. So you have a display that shows you whether you have these active inputs working for variable refresh rate, 4K one 20 and all those great things. So you’re assured you’re getting the best picture quality for gaming. And of course when I played around with it, excellent gaming picture quality. Again, thanks to that OED tech. So another thing in the C2 S favors, it’s really slick design. This TV’s actually really light. You’re not gonna be lifting many TVs, but if you do, you’ll find this thing 65 pounds about for the 65 inch size, which is really kinda like a bag [00:02:30] of chips, really light thanks to composite construction new on the 2022 model. It also has really slim look. You look at it from the side, really doesn’t stick up from the wall very much. Again, really high tech look and feel. Very minimalist style, which I really enjoy. Smart TV features not too great on this tv. I say connect a Roku or an Apple tv, you’re in much better shape, but again, with a high end tv, you’re gonna wanna do that anyway.

Speaker 1: So my choice for 2022 in the mid-range model, you know the kind most people can afford is the TCL six series Roku [00:03:00] tv. So I’ll start with the smart TV features on this Roku. Yet TCL does make a lot of other smart TV systems, including Google tv, but I like Roku best. It’s the simplest. The apps are right there on the screen. You can arrange them. Of course you have access to thousands of apps, super responsive, very fast times. Also, this is kind of choose your own content, choose your own apps. It’s very app-based displays, a little bit like an iPhone, which I appreciate beyond smart tv. And yes, you can connect any smart TV device to any of these great TVs including a Roku. This [00:03:30] TCL six series has excellent picture quality for the money. Now, it’s not an oed, it has something called mini l e d.

Speaker 1: So the idea here is that the L LEDs behind the screen can turn on and off independently, and that creates excellent contrast. The TCL six series is also hella bright. I mean this thing measured more than a thousand knits on the 65 inch size. Other sizes may vary little bit, but it’s really gonna be extremely bright, in fact brighter than oed. So that combination of mini l e d and excellent brightness creates great contrast. Really, really [00:04:00] good picture. Again, not quite as good as Olded for price though. This TCL six series is the best TV I’ve tested for the money. In terms of style, TCL did improve it a little bit this year. I do like the central pedestal stand scene here. You also have the option to raise it a little bit if you have a soundbar. So there’s a couple inches of leeway there.

Speaker 1: So you can get soundbar under the TV without obscuring the display. A nice touch, and again, that Roku remote keeps it really simple. It’s got voice control, even works with airplay. So that’s a really complete package for under a thousand dollars for the 65 inch size. The TCL six series also [00:04:30] comes into 55, 75 and a massive 85 inch size. So the TVs that I’ve named before the TCL six series and the Lgc two kind of expensive. So you’re asking Anna really wanna spend a lot of money on a tv. What do you recommend? KA Meyer, I’ll tell you this year it’s the Visio V Series. Now there’s a lot of cheap TVs out there. The VI V series, we reviewed this 50 inch size under 300 bucks, gonna be even less during the Black Friday holiday season, trust me, comes in a wide range of sizes up to 75 inches.

Speaker 1: But again, with TVs [00:05:00] at this screen, quality not gonna even come close to that TCL or that lg, but it’s a pretty decent picture. We compared it side by side with another TCL tv, Amazon Fire tv, even a high senses Google tv. This thing really did have the best picture quality at that entry level. It’s not gonna have many l e d, it’s not gonna get super bright, but the picture looked did look really good. It also has some great picture modes. Visio actually includes a couple gaming features that are rare at this price point. You get variable refresh rate. Yeah, it’s a 60 Hertz tv, but you might get some extra smoothness [00:05:30] with that vrr on this Visio tv. Of course, you can connect any console to this tv. Remember, it’ll still look pretty good. Of course, not as good as some of those higher end televisions.

Speaker 1: Now we talked about smart TV before. I really don’t like Visio Smart Cast system. Uh, it’s just got a lot of ads. There’s not that many apps. It’s slow. But again, you can connect another streaming device to this thing and really still come out ahead cuz those 4K streaming devices can be under 50 bucks for a really good one and you get really good overall package again for a really low price. So those three TVs, the Lgc two [00:06:00] oed, the TCL six series Roku tv, and the Visio V series are my picks for the high end, mid-range and budget TVs of 2022. I’m David Kasey for cnet. Be sure to like it, subscribe.

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