Comparing Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro – Video

Comparing Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Comparing Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Speaker 1: Google’s new pixel phones are fully revealed, the Pixel seven and the Pixel seven Pro. So let’s compare the specs of these phones to see what exactly is different in the pro model and how much really changed with the Pixel since last year.

Speaker 1: Of course, Google gave its tensor chip a boost for better processing power and we get a lot of new camera features. But let’s start by judging the book by its cover. And let’s go over the physical redesign. The [00:00:30] pixel sevens have a shiny new back camera bar made of recycled aluminum with camera holes cut out the pixel seven has a matte aluminum and the pro is a polished aluminum. Both of these phones are just in water resistant. Now compare that to the look of last year’s bar, which was just kinda one big dark eScript glassy slab of a camera area. You could tell the difference between the seven and the seven pro because of the extra camera cutout. That’s for the 48 megapixel [00:01:00] telephoto lens. You can also tell the difference from the pro and the not pro because they come in different shades of green.

Speaker 1: You see all models come in black or white with a silver camera bar, but a muted earthy green is the color. Google Pick two Charma this year. The seven Pro has a Hazel option and the Pixel seven shade is called lemon grass. Both have a golden camera bar Now. Last year’s Google Pixel six lineup had some two-tone [00:01:30] designs. They leaned into peachy sunny yellows, but no two tones this year. 2022 is just greenish ish size. It’s similar to last year’s pixel. The display of the pro is 6.7 inches and it has a 120 hertz refresh rate. The display of the pixel seven measures in at 6.3 inches with a 90 hertz refresh rate. So there’s no big change there. But since everyone buys phones just to take photos, let’s dive into the cameras

Speaker 1: [00:02:00] On paper. The specs of the sevens back camera are not much different from the six. It still packs a 50 megapixel sensor with a 12 megapixel ultra wide, and the pro has the additional 48 megapixel telephoto lens. But now that seven Pro has a few extra tricks. There’s a feature called Macro Focus, so you can see tiny details and the camera has five x optical zoom. That’s a step up from last year’s four x zoom. [00:02:30] And in an age where the front facing camera is becoming more important, Google’s Pixel seven has the same front camera as the seven Pros. So no matter which new model, both have great front cameras, both are 10.8 megapixels. It has an ultra wide field of view. It could take 4K video, all great stuff. And now it’s said to be better at low light shots.

Speaker 1: And speaking of the front of the phone, there’s something else new this year unlocking [00:03:00] with your face. Now fingerprints are still an option. There’s this under display fingerprint sensor that was in the Pixel six. It’s also in the Pixel seven, but now there’s the option for both finger and face. Wonder how Apple likes them Apples. Yeah. With the new Pixel seven, of course, you’re getting a more powerful processor to be the brains behind all the photos. Google upgraded its tensor processor. The latest version is marked g2. Last [00:03:30] year’s pixel was the first time Google used its own in-house chip. The tensor G2 gives the phone a boost of abilities. You’re gonna hear about things like being able to do two times faster night site processing and better. Super Red Zoom. And it also brings new features like cinematic blur. Now, if you need more memory and storage, you’re gonna be paying more for the Pro. The Pixel seven has eight gigs of ram. With the seven Pro at 12 gigs of ram, the regular Pixel seven goes all the way up to [00:04:00] 256 gigabytes of storage. But that seven Pro goes a little further with 512 gigabytes of storage.

Speaker 1: Now, what’s all this doing for battery life? Right? Well, Google squeezed a little more juice out of these models. Under normal conditions, you get a day of battery that’s the same as the six, but with Google’s extreme battery saver mode, you can now get up to three days of battery life. That’s a whole day more [00:04:30] than what the software got for last year’s Pixel six. The charging speed stays about the same as last year. Users get half their battery charged in about 30 minutes with Google’s 30 wat USBC Charger and sorry kids, it’s sold separately. Charger is not in the box. And yeah, it wasn’t in the box last year either. If you’re in the market for a new pixel foam, the prices also have not changed. The Pixel seven starts at about $600 and the seven Pro starts at about $900. [00:05:00] So the cost didn’t change despite inflation. We’re sure to check out our other video overviews on the other new gear that’s coming out from Google. I’m Bridget Carey. Thanks for watching. I’ll catch you next time.

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