Everything Revealed at Google’s Pixel Event (October 2022) – Video

Everything Revealed at Google's Pixel Event (October 2022)

Everything Revealed at Google's Pixel Event (October 2022)

Speaker 1: Welcome to Made by Google 2022. As the pixel portfolio expands, the phone is at the center of it all. I’m excited to show you the new standard for smartphones Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro Pixel seven’s improvements. Start with the looks. This is the ultimate refinement of Pixel. Simplifying the parts construction to make a phone that’s sophisticated and distinct. Pixel seven has a silky matte finish on the aluminum camera bar and housing with three camera colors, three color options. It features a sharp 6.3 inch [00:00:30] display with smaller bezels and 25% higher peak brightness for incredible outdoor visibility during the day. Pixel seven also includes a great all day battery with up to 72 hours between charges. When you use extreme battery saver mode. In terms of camera, IT support a dual rear camera system as well as an upgraded ultra wide front facing camera with a larger sensor for better nighttime selfies and stunning 4K video.

Speaker 1: And we’re taking the pixel line up to new heights. With Pixel seven Pro, you can see the premium polished aluminum [00:01:00] finish on the camera bar in housing, which compliments its three colors. Pixel seven Pro has an upgraded super sharp 6.7 inch display with its variable refresh rate. You get responsive gaming and smooth scrolling without killing your battery. Pixel seven Pro has a triple rear camera system featuring upgraded telephoto and ultra wide camera. It’s front facing, ultra wide. Camera is great for low light selfies, videos and more. And the front camera has another role to play. Pixel seven pixel seven’s. Pros. Front camera uses our advanced machine learn learning models. For face recognition to power face unlock [00:01:30] with 10 G two. At its core, Pixel seven is the best smartphone for voice assistance. When your phone understands your voice, it opens up so many more possibilities.

Speaker 1: On Pixel seven, assistant voice typing will automatically suggest relevant emoji to insert. While Pixel seven can now use Google’s advanced speech recognition model to transcribe your audio messages right in the Message app so you can quickly skim them. So Pixel seven is designed to be the best phone for actual phone calling. Pixel devices are the only phones with Pixel Call assist a suite of features that [00:02:00] helps with everything from making calls to avoiding them. With Pixel seven, the Direct My Call experience gets even easier. Instead of listening to a long recorded message describing each option, you’ll see a list of menu options right away. You can tap the option you want even before it’s spoken coming in a feature drop later this year. Clear calling will make it even easier to hear the other person at the end. At the other end of the line. The suite of pixel call assist features is the perfect example of tensor, G2 and Google’s state of the art AI coming together in Pixel seven to deliver an elevated smartphone experience. [00:02:30] Pixel camera is what the phone is famous for and it’s once again been rated the best smartphone camera in the industry.

Speaker 2: We are proud to say Pixel is still the most inclusive camera. Pixel seven also improves the accessibility of pixel’s camera. Finding that perfect angle for a selfie can be particularly challenging for blind and low vision users. Pixel seven can solve that with our new guided frame one

Speaker 3: Face, move [00:03:00] your phone slightly left and down. Move your phone slightly right enough. Ready for selfie. 3, 2, 1. Photo taken, one face

Speaker 2: With the added accessibility of Guided frame and the inclusivity and accuracy of real tone. We are continuing our ongoing mission to build a more equitable experience across our camera, but cameras have always struggled to get a clear photo, especially when your kids won’t hold [00:03:30] still or when there’s not enough light in the room at a party. Pixel seven and tens, a G2 can fix that. So it’s easier than ever to take CRISPR Sharper images no matter how challenging the so scene might be even during the day, if your hand or your kids are moving too much or your focus isn’t perfect, you’ll get blurry images. Pixel seven fixes that by automatically fusing images from the ultra [00:04:00] wide and main cameras together to help ensure faces are clear. With our highest quality video stabilization technology, 10 G2 brings together hardware and software to help you get pro looking videos. The that capture the moment and not your movement.

Speaker 1: Pixel seven is engineered to understand you and your world putting Google’s personalized intelligence right in your hand. Pixel seven Pro is Google’s most powerful phone. [00:04:30] It brings serious performance and an upgraded telephoto lens with the highest quality zoom on a smartphone yet. Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro are the pinnacles of Pixel helpfulness and we’re making them available to even more users in more places. They’re available for pre-orders starting today and on shelf next week.

Speaker 4: Pixel watch features a beautiful custom developed 3D cover glass that’s tough and scratch resistant. And the curve form makes it unique and inviting. With [00:05:00] Pixel Watch, you can simplify your life with the best of Google on your wrist. Adjust your thermostat from your watch with the Google Home app. Listen to your favorite artists with YouTube music, whether you’re on a run without your phone or just running an errand. Set your favorite Google Photos images as a custom watch face. See quick notifications from Gmail and Calendar. Make Checkout and Transit a breeze with Google Wallet. Get turned by turn directions directly on your watch with Google Maps [00:05:30] and with Google Assistant. You can use your voice to do quick actions like sending messages, setting timers, controlling your music, and starting your run. Pixel Watch is also the first Wear OS device with Fitbit, it’s a powerful pairing combining Google’s expertise in designing helpful experiences for billions of people with the best health and fitness insights from Fitbit.

Speaker 4: Pixel Watch uses a combination of on device machine learning and deep optimization down to [00:06:00] the processor level to give you an accurate measurement of your heart rate continuously. At once per second, you’ll be able to assess your heart rhythm for AFib with the ECG app and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones with Emergency sos and fall detection is coming in 2023 to detect hard falls and alert emergency services on your behalf. Google Pixel Watch starts at 3 49 and it’s available for pre-order today and on shelve starting next week. [00:06:30] And enjoy three months of YouTube Music Premium on us. In addition to the six months of Fit it premium

Speaker 5: Google Pixel tablet, it’s a perfect companion to your pixel phone and all your smart home devices. We design pixel tablet with premium materials and finishes as well as smooth round the corners to make it unmistakable part of the Pixel family. The gorgeous display means you can immerse yourself in your favorite shows, video [00:07:00] calls, games, photos, and more. The foundation for the Pixel tablet is Android, including material you, so you can completely personalize it with custom color palettes, new color variants based on your wallpaper and lock screens. And just as our pixel phones have always been the best and Pures expression of Android Pixel tablet is the best way to experience Android on the tablet. This is also [00:07:30] the first time we’re bringing the power of Google Tensor G2 to an all new form factor with Tensor G two s, advanced image processing and machine learning Pixel Tablet has a whole new level of personalizing intelligence and understanding. That means your favorite pixel phone features like video calling, photo editing, enhance brief help with Google Assistant will work seamlessly on a large screen device. It reimagines how a tablet can actually be [00:08:00] helpful all the time in your home by pairing it with a new charging speaker Doc. Tata,

Speaker 6: We’ll take a moment. <laugh>

Speaker 5: It keeps your devices charged and makes your tablet helpful 24 7 and it unlocks a whole new set of experiences in the home. Dean Hands audio experience from a speaker lets me enjoy my favorite show while I’m cooking in the kitchen or have an impromptu dance party with my daughter. The hands free [00:08:30] help from the assistant is of course a lifesaver, like saying, Hey, Google, Play classical music when I wanna relax at the end of the day. My Pixel tablet also gives me easy control of all my smart home devices so I can turn the lights off in the house, set the thermostat to the perfect S sleep temperature without ever getting out of bed. And of course, the dock itself serves as a charger, so your tablet is always ready for hours of entertainment. And we took special care to tune the magnets [00:09:00] so it can easily dock or undo the Pixel tablet and when it’s in your hand. The premium nano ceramic finish is both beautiful and comfortable. The Pixel tablet is designed to seamlessly transition from being a delightful part of your home to an entertainment device that you can take anywhere, making it one of the most versatile and adaptable tablets ever. And we can’t wait to share more when it’s available next year.

Speaker 7: The Pixel Family is [00:09:30] finally all coming together, a growing portfolio, all harnessing Google’s state of the art AI to understand your needs and make life easier. That’s what makes a Pixel a pixel. It’s a level of helpfulness and personal intelligence that’s totally unique in the mobile computing world. And you can pre-order the new Google Pixel Watch, Pixel seven, Pixel seven Pro, and our newest Nest devices right now in our online Google store.

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