Everything We Hope Apple Will Add to iOS 16 – Video

Everything We Hope Apple Will Add to iOS 16

Everything We Hope Apple Will Add to iOS 16

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Speaker 1: The next major version of the iPhone software will likely be called iOS 16 and debut in June. And I have a few ideas for features and fixes. I’d like to see apple include

Speaker 1: Apple’s worldwide developers conference is weeks away, and we expect to see a preview iOS 16. Now rumors for iOS 16 are spars, which is typical for unreleased software. But if the last three versions of iOS or [00:00:30] any indication were likely to see something that feels like a continuation of iOS 15, and while iOS 15 had a mainly smooth rollout. That doesn’t mean there. Apple could add or improve for the iPhone. So here are some additions and fixes that I’d like to apple to make for iOS 16. And let’s start with the ability to copy and paste photo edits.

Speaker 1: I use my iPhone all the time to take and edit photos. My go-to [00:01:00] editor is the iPhone owns native photos app. The interface is straightforward and it’s packed with lots of tools, but the Macs version of the photos app has one useful feature that I hope iOS 16 adopts. And that’s the ability to copy and paste edits between photos. Now this would come in handy. Anytime I take several photos at the same place, such as at a restaurant or a party, since all the photos were taken under the same lighting and conditions, I could just simply edit one photo [00:01:30] and then copy and paste those adjustments to the other photos. Now, another feature I’d like to see on my iPhone is an always on display.

Speaker 1: Imagine being able to glance your iPhone when the screen is off and see the time notifications and missed calls, it’s called an always on display and such a feature has been available on Android phones for years, where only important information is lit up. And the rest of the screen is [00:02:00] otherwise black. Now apple offers an always on display for the apple watch series five and later, but it’s still absent on the iPhone. I hope iOS 16 has a similar version of the apple watches, always on display for the iPhone. Now another feature I’d like to see in iOS 16 is a split screen view.

Speaker 1: The iPhone 11 Promax has a 0.5 inch screen while the 12 Promax and 13 Promax have a 6.7 inch display. [00:02:30] All that space makes watching videos, playing games and reading articles and absolute delight. But those large screens feel wasted when it comes to software. Now, some iOS apps like mail and, and messages can take advantage of the extra screen space when in landscape mode and show a column of message previews next to the currently open message. But otherwise there isn’t much else in iOS that takes advantage of the bigger screen. And [00:03:00] this is where I’d like to see apple bring some features from iPad OS to iOS 16, just for Promax models. And this would give people more options for using a large screen specifically, I’d like to see split screen multitasking view, come to iPhone Promax models. It’d be wonderful to have safari open on one side of my phone screen and messages opened on the other, and that’s not the only iOS 16 tool I want to see for the iPhone. Promax, I’d love to be able to use my apple pencil on [00:03:30] it too.

Speaker 1: The large screen on the iPhone Promax begs for apple pencil support. Now Samsung proved that there is a audience for a phone stylist through its galaxy note and S ultra devices. Heck there are even $300 phones like the Moto G stylist that support one, the apple pencil specifically the second gen one is outstanding as a stylist, and it currently works with the iPad mini air and pro models, but imagine able to use [00:04:00] it on an iPhone 13 Promax and that 120 Hertz screen for sketching and note taking even better. What about an apple pencil mini think golf pencil sized that can ally attach to the side of the iPhone Promax Hey, a tech journalist can dream can’t he and speak in dreams. One of my dreams for iOS 16 is that widgets get an upgrade.

Speaker 1: When home screen widgets came to the iPhone with [00:04:30] iOS 14, many of us rejoiced Apple’s implementation is clean, widgets fit grid-like anywhere on your home screen, but there’s one wrinkle home screen. Widgets are passive aside from glanceable information. The most functionality they provide is the ability to open their corresponding app. Well, that’s it. For example, the apple music widget displays the song that’s currently playing. That’s great, but if I tap on the widget, it just opens up the apple music app. What if [00:05:00] I could tap on the apple music widget to skip to the next song? What if in the weather widget I could swipe to switch locations. I hope Iowa 16 brings more functionality to home screen widgets, and you know what? That’s not the only upgrade I’d like to see to the home screen in Iowa 16. I want to finally be able to place apps anywhere I want.

Speaker 1: In recent years, apple has improved the home screen with new elements like widgets and [00:05:30] the app library. You can have multiple pages of apps. You can even include the same app on different home screen pages, but when it comes to rearranging the app icons on your homepage, nothing has changed. Apps are still stuck to the invisible software magnet on the top left side of the screen. So if you want to keep a couple of apps on a specific home screen page, those apps start filling the screen from the top left corner. You can’t put them down on the bottom [00:06:00] of the screen without filling the top of the page up first. And this is where I hope iOS 16 gives us the freedom to move apps wherever we want. This would be a big boom for one handed users. Also, if you have a home screen wallpaper that you love, you arrange the apps so you can see it better. And speaking of better, I’d like Iowas 16 to give me a better choice of default apps.

Speaker 1: I can currently set the default browser app [00:06:30] and the default mail app on my iPhone to be something other than safari and mail in Iowas 16, I’d like to see apple open up system defaults for more apps, especially for maps and messaging. For example, if you’re a regular Google maps user, it would be convenient to set it up as the main maps app instead of apple maps. But whether it’s this wish or my other wishes on my iOS wish list, we’re gonna have to wait until June to see if any of these are included in iOS [00:07:00] 16. So that’s all I’ve got. But now I wanna hear from you guys, are there features or bugs that you’d like to see apple fix for iOS? Throw your thoughts in the comments.

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