Fitbit Easter Sale Drops the Ace 3 Tracker to $50

Building healthy habits is an important part of childhood. And staying active plays an important part in keeping kids happy and healthy. But after the age of 8, activity begins to drop off and kids tend to become more sedentary. That’s why Fitbit has developed a fitness tracker that’s designed specifically to help kids ages 6 and older stay moving, motivated and help them develop healthy habits for later in life. The Fitbit Ace 3 typically lists for $80, but right now multiple retailers have dropped the price by 38% down to $50. There’s no clear-cut expiration on this offer, so it could switch off at any time. We’d recommend acting sooner rather than later if you’re hoping to snag one at this price.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is packed with tons of kid-friendly features to help keep your little ones motivated. The animated clock face grows and develops as the wearer moves around, a fun and simple way to help keep track of daily activity. Plus, kids will earn virtual badges as they hit their daily goals. The kid-friendly design also means that it’s durable, with water resistance up to 50 meters and a secure silicone band and case to prevent cracked screens. The Ace 3 also monitors sleep patterns, so you can be sure that your kids are getting the rest they need to stay healthy. Kids can also challenge the rest of the family and their friends to step competitions. 

The family Fitbit account lets you choose what kids see via parental controls. You can add your own Fitbit tracker, too, and manage them all easily from one place. It’s available in three color schemes: blue/green, black/red or a special edition Minions yellow, and all three variants are currently on sale. 

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