Google’s Pixel Tablet Gets More Useful With a Charging Speaker Dock – Video

Google's Pixel Tablet Gets More Useful With a Charging Speaker Dock

Google's Pixel Tablet Gets More Useful With a Charging Speaker Dock

Speaker 1: Earlier this year we gave you a sneak preak of our newest product coming in 2023. We hope what you see today get you just as excited as we are. The Pixel family doesn’t feel complete, was on a larger screen. So we set out to build a device that bring together recent advances in Android, Tenor’s, personal intelligence, and their pixel design. The result is a device that only Google can make. Google Pixel tablet. It’s a perfect companion [00:00:30] to your pixel phone and all your smart home devices. We design pixel tablet with premium materials and finishes as well as smooth round the corners to make it unmistakable. Part of the Pixel family. The gorgeous display means you can immerse yourself in your favorite shows, video calls, games, photos, and more. The foundation for the Pixel tablet is Android, including material you, so you [00:01:00] can completely personalize it with custom color palettes, new color variants based on your wallpaper and lock screens.

Speaker 1: And just as our pixel phones have always been the best and Pures expression of Android Pixel tablet is the best way to experience Android on the tablet. You saw the core that work workout io earlier this year and since then we partnered closely with developers to make sure apps take advantage of large screen features like split screen and stylist support. [00:01:30] We wanna thank developers for working closely with us and giving us great feedback. This is also the first time we’re bringing the power of Google Tensor G2 to an all new form factor with Tensor G Two’s. Advanced image processing and machine learning Pixel Tablet has a whole new level of personalized understanding that means your favorite pixel phone features like video calling, photo editing, enhanced brief help with Google Assistant [00:02:00] will work seamlessly on a large screen device. Now one of the best things about tablets is that people use them in so many different ways they can be such versatile devices.

Speaker 1: So when we began designing Pixel tablet, one of the first things we asked ourselves was how can we make a tablet that’s always helpful for everyone? And we spend a lot of time talking to people about how they use their tablets, what they love and what they don’t love about [00:02:30] them. And we heard an interesting theme emerge. It turns out that tablets are home bodies. They’re home 80% of the time and only useful for a very small portion of the day. The rest of the time tablets feel out placed in our homes, hidden the weighing a drawer misplaced, presenting a tripping hazard, or just outta the battery. So we set out to build something better. With Pixel tablet, we’re taking everything

Speaker 2: We’ve learned from [00:03:00] years of making product for the home and for Pixel and combining it into one great device. It reimagines how a tablet can actually be helpful all the time in your home by pairing it with a new charging speaker Doc. Ta ta. We’ll take a moment. <laugh> it keeps your devices charged and makes your tablet helpful 24 7 and it unlocks a whole new set of experiences in [00:03:30] the home. As a busy working parent, I really love how Pixel Tablet and the doc brings some of the best features from a smart display to the tablet being hands audio experience from a speaker lets me enjoy my favorite show while I’m cooking in the kitchen or have an impromptu dance party with my daughter. The hands free help from the assistant is of course a lifesaver, like saying, Hey, Google, Play classical music when I wanna relax at the end of the day.

Speaker 2: My Pixel tablet also gives [00:04:00] me easy control of all my smart home devices so I can turn the lights off in the house, set the thermostat to the perfect sleek temperature without ever getting out of bed. And my favorite Pixel tablet feature is seeing my memories cured by Google Photos while it’s docked. I love glancing over during a busy workday and seeing a photo frame of my kids as babies. Isn’t he cute? <laugh> always makes me smile and my kids love it too. And of [00:04:30] course, the doc itself serves as a charger, so your tablet is always ready for hours of entertainment. And we took special care to tune the magnets so it can easily jock or undo the Pixel tablet and when it’s in your hand. The premium nano ceramic finish is both beautiful and comfortable. I love leaning back at the end of the day for a little retail therapy.

Speaker 2: The Pixel tablet is designed to seamlessly transition from being a delightful part of [00:05:00] your home to an entertainment device that you can take anywhere, making it one of the most versatile and adaptable tablets ever. Combining these features with a Doc’s beautiful design and you’ll want the Pixel tablet in the heart of your home. It transforms your tablet from something that sits in the drawer to an integral part of your life. And we can’t wait to share more when it’s available Next year, next step, CNS going to show you how the entire Pixel [00:05:30] portfolio works together to provide magically helpful experiences at home and on the go.

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