Here’s a Closer Look at 4 Sub-$100 Projectors



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Can you really get a projector for $100 or less? Here’s a closer look at four models around that price. One was even $35 at the time we bought it.


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The Meer YG300-Pro is a 720p projector with Wi-Fi. It lists for $109, but is regularly around $70. 


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The image it creates is quite dim, with washed-out colors.


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You can connect a streaming device, though, as it has HDMI.


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You can power it via a USB battery pack, but don’t expect to be able to create a very large image. Think “small, dim TV,” not “movie screen.”


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This is basic remote that comes with the Meer. Spoiler: You’re going to see this remote a lot before the end of this gallery.


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Behold the Elephas JingHuier. It lists for $90, but can regularly be found at around $50. 


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It’s not HD resolution, and its picture is very dim. 


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Like the others, it does have HDMI however.


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Hey look, it’s that same remote!


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Despite looking just like the Meer, this is actually the MissYou YG300. It’s slightly smaller, much dimmer and almost certainly made by the same manufacturer. There are numerous similar looking projectors on Amazon with “different” company names.


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The MissYou is the worst projector I’ve ever reviewed. I can’t even say it’s OK for $35, the price we paid. It’s atrocious.


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It has HDMI, but don’t bother.


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It’s so dim, and the colors are so bad, it’s almost unwatchable.


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This is the Hision ‎HIUS-LP-M7. It’s the most expensive projector in this roundup, coming in at a whopping $140. It often drops to around $100 though.


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The Hision was the best of this bunch, which admittedly isn’t saying much. It can recreate a watchable, TV-size image.


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If $100 is your budget, I’d recommend waiting until this comes up for sale rather than buying any of the others here. Spending around $150 more, like for the Vimgo P10, is worth it.


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This was also the only PJ we tested for this roundup that used a regular power cable. The others had “wall wart” power adapters.


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A different remote! Barely. Still basically the same though.


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