Hold On to Your Memories With Up to 51% Off Kodak Instant Cameras and Printers

Kodak photo printers and instant cameras are a great way to take fun pictures in an instant that you can share then and there. And right now, you can snag your own at a deep discount. With up to 51% off at Amazon, you can save big on these great products. Some products included also have an additional on-page coupon you can clip for an even better deal, so be sure to check each product page. 

Kodak is a trusted name in photography, and its photo printers and instant cameras are some of the best in the business. Prices start as low as $79, and with a variety of accessories available, now is a great time to find the perfect way to capture your holiday memories. But keep in mind that these deals won’t last long.

There are a ton of items on sale, with some great bundles that include accessories and extra sheets along with a camera or printer. We’ve gone through and highlighted a few of the best deals available below. But be sure to check out the entire sale selection at Amazon. Also, while some of these items should arrive by Christmas, there are also some that won’t, so if you’re planning to gift one of these nifty Kodak printers, be sure to check the expected delivery date before you purchase.


This bundle includes the Kodak Mini Shot 3, 60 printer sheets, a camera case with a strap, photo album, photo box, photo clips and a sticker sheet. The Mini Shot 3 prints 3×3 photos in an instant — but unlike cameras of the past, you can choose to either print your shot or cancel if it didn’t turn out the way you like. You can also choose whether you want a border or not. You can even connect this instant camera to a mobile device through Bluetooth to print straight from your photo gallery.

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This dock allows you to instantly print pictures right from your phone. It works with both Android and iOS phones and charges while it’s docked. It also uses 4PASS technology and lamination that will help your photos last a lifetime. You can also choose between having a border and borderless prints. This bundle includes the Dock Plus, 80 sheets, a printer case, photo frame, photo book, photo clips and a sticker sheet. 

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Check out these other great offers:

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