How Apple Could Bring Back the iPhone Mini – Video

How Apple Could Bring Back the iPhone Mini

How Apple Could Bring Back the iPhone Mini

Speaker 1: This is the iPhone 12 mini and this the iPhone 13 mini. So where’s the 14 mini? Well, a few weeks back during its annual fall event, Apple announced a new, larger, regular iPhone called the 14 plus. As for the 14 mini, well, it’s nowhere. Essentially Apple replaced its Danny DeVito with Arnold Schwarzenegger, so to speak. Apple didn’t need to say it, but for all intensives purposes, the iPhone Mini was dead. Or is it, Let me explain.

Speaker 1: [00:00:30] Is the mini really dead? Well, maybe not. See, there have been three versions of the iPhone se, all of which have used an older body design, but are packed with a processor from a newer iPhone. The result is a Lowcost iPhone with modern performance inside an older design. Aside from the iPhone, many, the SE is not only Apple’s most affordable option, but one of its smallest. [00:01:00] And it makes sense to me that in a couple of years, the iPhone 13 mini’s body will be repurposed and updated with a newer AER chip sold as a 2024 iPhone se. Now, let me explain my thinking and to do so, we gotta go back About six years. In 2016, the very first iPhone SE debuted inside the body of an iPhone five s with the internals of an iPhone six s. The SE stood for special edition, but for those who thought [00:01:30] the iPhone six and six s were too big, the SE really stood for small edition.

Speaker 1: In 2020, Apple released a new iPhone se this time using the body of an iPhone eight with the internals of an iPhone 11. It was great, but what many of us had hoped for was a small version of an iPhone that used face ID and had a larger, better quality display, smaller bes, even if it meant paying more money. In fact, many of us wondered if such a high end small iPhone would [00:02:00] be called the iPhone nine. Since Apple had skipped from eight to 10, and that’s when the iPhone 12 mini came out. It’s a SCO smaller than the 2020 iPhone se, but had everything the regular iPhone 12 had. It was just smaller. The 12 mini lacked BES and had a 5.4 inch screen four perspective. The iPhone six plus six s plus seven, plus eight plus all had a 5.5 inch screen inside [00:02:30] a much bigger body that weighed a lot more than the 12 mini.

Speaker 1: Then last year, Apple released an iPhone 13 mini that had better battery life, the 12 mini and packed the same main camera hardware as the one from the iPhone 12 promax. But as of September, 2022, the mini is no more. Yeah, you could still buy the 13 mini from Apple for 5 99, which is definitely a great price in terms of what you get. And there are friends [00:03:00] of mine with a 12 mini who are tempted to buy the 13 many just to have the latest slash last slash best version of the iPhone. Many. But is the mini really dead? Maybe not. See, when I reviewed the 2022 iPhone se, which is nearly identical to the 2020 se, one of the things I wondered about was how appealing the hardware would be in three or four years time. The SES display is a 4.7 inch [00:03:30] L C D, and it’s the same one for all intensive purposes that came out with the iPhone eight, and in 2022, it already looks a bit dated, and I imagine in two or three years it will look even more.

Speaker 1: So it seems to me that for the next version of the se, we need a new iPhone body to inhabit. So the first SE was based on the five S body, the second and third one based on the iPhone eight body. Then the next SE could be based on the iPhone 13 minis [00:04:00] body, maybe possibly wishful thinking. But will Apple do it? Now? Obviously we won’t know until the next SE is launched, but no surprise, there are rumors endless and YouTuber. John Prosser said on the Geared Up podcast that the next iPhone SE will be based on the iPhone 10 R and its 6.1 inch display. Meanwhile, Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants posted on Twitter back in January that the next SE could have [00:04:30] a 5.7 inch display. He amended his tweet in a comment saying that he meant the 2023 slash 2024 SE model model.

Speaker 1: I realize there might never be an iPhone SE based on the 13 Minis body, but for all of a small iPhone lovers out there, I hope there is. And now I want to hear from you, what do you think Apple’s gonna do for the next SE and what you want the next SC to be based on an iPhone [00:05:00] mini body? Also, we do these videos covering Apple stuff every week. Let us know the comments, what you’d like to see last. Do all the YouTube things, subscribe, hit the bell like this video, and thank you for watching.

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