How to Delete or Disable Your Instagram Account – Video

How to Delete or Disable Your Instagram Account

How to Delete or Disable Your Instagram Account


Speaker 1: I’m sure you have your reasons for wanting to quit Instagram. I’m not here to judge, but if you consider just taking a break instead of deleting your account altogether today, I’ll show you how to take a break from posting by disabling your Instagram account just temporarily, or if that’s not enough, how to delete your gram for good. For the purposes of this demonstration. I created a throwaway account called darker Parker dot delete, but don’t bother trying to look for it because by the time we’re done today, that account will no longer exist, though. My main is still out there. If you care to take a look, you should also look up C net’s Instagram page before you delete your account completely. [00:00:30] We’d love to have you subscribe. If you decide to stick around after all, but if that’s not enough to entice you to keep your account active, let’s get started with some ways to shut it down. Just because you’re done with your Instagram account, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. I strongly suggest you download your photos, videos, and other data. Before moving on with your life, you can request a data download from either a web browser or from the app itself in the app. Tap this icon in the upper right corner, select settings,

Speaker 1: Then security toward the bottom. You’ll [00:01:00] see, download data, enter an email address, or keep the one that shows up and tap the request. Download button, enter the password for your account. Tap next. And you’ll get confirmation that your download has been requested to make that same request in your browser. Go to your profile, click the edit profile button and select privacy insecurity. Scroll down to the data, download section and click request. Download [00:01:30] from there. Enter your email address and choose the format for the download. You prefer. I’d suggest selecting HTML for easier viewing later, though, if you prefer JS O N be my guest, click next and enter your password and click the request. Download button, regardless of which method you choose, it may take up to 48 hours to get the email with the link to download your data. When you get it, download and extract the zip file, you’ll be able to find your posted photos and videos in the [00:02:00] media folder organized by date.

Speaker 1: This may also be an eye opening, look into all the other data stored in your Instagram account. You can take a peek at your search history, a list of all your followers and people you’re following and all sorts of other records of your dealings on Instagram. I just created this account this week. So there’s no data in a lot of these folders, but I am intrigued by these secret conversations and secret group stocks. I’ll have to come back to that another time. Now that I have a backup of my whole account, I’m ready to disable [00:02:30] Instagram, at least for the time being to disable, but not delete your Instagram account. I recommend going to your profile page in a web browser on your computer or on your phone, you can get to the disable page from the help section in the app, but it’s just gonna kick you out to a browser anyway.

Speaker 1: So you might as well start there. Click the edit profile button and click the temporarily disable my account link. As the page explains disabling the account means your account will be hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in, you have to provide a reason why [00:03:00] you want to do this. Even if you just choose something else, no further elaboration is required. Enter your account password, click the disabled account button tap. Yes, to confirm you really want to do this. And that’s it. Your account is no longer accessible to the outside world or to you either, unless you choose to log back in again, you can always reactivate your account by logging back into it from the webpage or in the app, though, if you had a good reason to disable it in the first place, maybe take some time to enjoy the freedom before you dive back in.

Speaker 1: If you’ve decided to walk away [00:03:30] from Instagram for good, or at least shut down one of your many user names, here’s how to delete your Instagram account point your browser, either on your computer or on your phone to Again, you can get there from the help section in the app, but you’re just gonna end up in a browser anyway. So let’s cut out a few steps next select the reason why you wanna delete your account, depending on your choice. The site offers suggestions for solving your problem without actually deleting your account, [00:04:00] whatever you choose. If you still want to continue enter your password and click the delete button with your username on it, you’ll get one more chance to back out or confirm your choice. And you’ll get a confirmation that your account will be deleted a month from now. So if you do nothing, your account will be wiped clean on the date displayed. But if you change your mind between now and then you can still enter your username and password, click on, keep your account. And everything goes back to normal.

Speaker 1: I’m guessing [00:04:30] this feature was added for people that rage quit Instagram for some reason, think better of it later on and wish they could get it all back. But don’t go looking for darker Parker dot delete that one is gone for good. Unless someone in the future decides to take that username, but I can assure you. It’s not me. Whatever your reason for disabling or deleting Instagram, I hope this has helped you find the result you’re looking for. Let me know if you need any help deleting any other apps or quitting anything else except for the gym. That’s impossible. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you next time.

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