iOS 16 Introduces Live Events on Your Lock Screen – Video

iOS 16 Introduces Live Events on Your Lock Screen

iOS 16 Introduces Live Events on Your Lock Screen

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Speaker 1: Now let’s talk about iOS together with iPhone. iOS helps you get so much done, whether you’re at home or on the move and the next release iOS 16 offers new intelligence sharing and communication features that are going to enhance so much of what you do with your iPhone. And those come together with an incredible set of new personalization features that will make your experience feel fresh and completely you [00:00:30] let’s get started with the all new lock screen. The lock screen is the first thing you see. Every time you pick up your iPhone, it’s a place where you can check the date and time. Look out for key messages and launch the camera to quickly capture the moment. And it’s just as much a place for personalization where so many of you put a photo that makes iPhone uniquely yours in Iowa 16, we are bringing the biggest update ever to the lock screen, completely reimagining how it [00:01:00] looks and works for you. Let’s take a look.

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Speaker 1: The new lock screen remains undeniably iPhone while also giving you new ways to make it more personal, beautiful, and helpful than ever. Let me show you here’s my lock screen. You’ll notice the subtle depth effect with my daughters appearing [00:02:00] in front of the time. I really love it. Now, if I just press and hold, I can personalize it further. I’ll just tap customize. And now I’m in the editor. Now check this out. I can simply swipe to try out different styles that automatically change the color, filter the background and the font for the time all to compliment each other. These look really beautiful. So let’s go with this one. Now, of course, if I wanna change anything, it’s easy to dial it [00:02:30] in further to get it just the way I want it. All I need to do is tap on any element of the lock screen to start editing.

Speaker 1: So let’s customize the font. I can audition different type faces and choose from different colors. And I like this color. I’ll just adjust the shade a little bit and I think this looks awesome. Now, now I can also make my lock screen more helpful by putting widgets right on the lock screen. So let me move the girls down here and tap in to bring up the [00:03:00] widget gallery. And these are really useful for getting information at a glance like upcoming calendar events. So I’ll add the temperature. Uh, my activity rings and let’s drag in the calendar widget. Now this is great and what’s even better is I’m not limited to just one. Let’s create another. I can bring up our brand new wallpaper gallery, which showcases a bunch of options for inspiration. And there are plenty to choose from here. [00:03:30] So much room for personalization, with millions of combinations with photo shuffle, I can choose a set of photos to shuffle throughout the day.

Speaker 1: And we also have suggested photos intelligently curated from my personal library, like the best shots family that look great on the lock screen. Now this is an awesome one to add to my collection. Now I’ve created a bunch of other lock screens and by simply swiping, I can switch between them. It’s amazing. The range [00:04:00] you can create. Here’s weather, which shows live weather conditions like a downpour and lightning. I just love this animation. Here’s a really cool emoji wallpaper and our pride wallpaper. And here’s one from our astronomy collection. Watch how it animates fluidly as I swipe into the home screen. So cool. So that’s a quick look at the all new lock screen.

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