Jam to Your Favorite Songs With 3 Months of Apple Music for Free

Who doesn’t love good music to rock out to while you’re relaxing or completing a task? If you’ve tried a ton of music subscriptions and you’re ready to switch to something new, then this deal from Groupon will score you a three-month Apple Music subscription for free. This deal works for both individual and family plans, and you’ll get access to 90 million songs with no commitment when you sign up. 

This deal is simple. New subscribers will get a one-month trial with two months thrown in, for a total of three months free. And if you were a previous Apple Music subscriber, don’t fret. While you won’t get the full three months, you’ll receive two months for free instead. The difference between the individual and family plan is that the family plan allows you to add up to five additional people. Everyone in the family gets their own account.

Once you choose your plan, Groupon will send you to Apple Music to complete the transaction. And when the promotional deal ends, individual memberships will renew for $10 a month, or $15 for the family membership, unless you cancel. This deal runs through October 31 of this year, so if you want to stream and download your favorite songs, get this offer while you can.

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