MatterHackers’ Season of Deals Is Black Friday, Cyber Monday Rolled Into One

Throughout November, 3D-printing supplier MatterHackers is offering discounts on a huge variety of products, including 3D printers, filaments and accessories. Black Friday and Cyber Monday already merge into one right now, so Matterhackers likes to elevate the entire month instead of just that weekend. 

I especially like the deals on materials. When you 3D print you can never have too much filament or resin, so anytime there’s a sale on those you should grab them if you can. I love MatterHackers’ Quantum PLA because it’s dual-blend, meaning it prints in two different colors, creating an iridescent sheen. 

The deals frequently change so keep coming back to what else is new. There’s already a lot to get you started, though, so I’ll separate it out to make it easier. To get the most out of these deals, enter the code BESTDEALS at checkout.

Filaments and resins


Quantum PLA takes the standard filament and adds a new twist. The dual tones create a shimmering effect on your printed model and make it change color as you turn it. It’s gorgeous, and you should get as many different colors as you can.


All of Polymaker’s filament is great, but some are better for different applications. I find that PolyLite is excellent for any project, so it’s worth picking up a few to have on hand. I’ve just bought myself three new colors because of the sale, so you should, too.

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3D printers


Peopoly has a long-running history of making amazing large-scale resin 3D printers and the Phenom Forge doesn’t buck that trend. Its 11.3″ x 6.4″ x 13.8″ build volume is perfect for making large models with lots of details, or mass-producing highly detailed parts quickly. You won’t find a better deal on a printer this size than the one at Matterhackers right now. Just $999 for this is incredible.


The Snapmaker is not just a 3D printer, it’s a three-in-one manufacturing device that lets you try out CNC wood milling as well as laser cutting by easily swapping out modules. The A250T is the midsize version, and the current discount from Matterhackers makes it well worth your time and money. Having a system that lets you be creative in multiple ways is an excellent way to get your maker juices flowing.

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3D printing accessories


Trust me when I tell you that not all print-removal tools are the same. Some are too sharp, some too small and most have handles that are at the wrong angle for easy print removal. The Buildtak removal tool is something different though: The handle is positioned so the blade lays flat on your build plate. This makes it much easier to lift models off.

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