Microsoft Debuts Surface Pro 9 – Video

Microsoft Debuts Surface Pro 9

Microsoft Debuts Surface Pro 9

Speaker 1: 10 years ago, we started with an idea to take everything that people love about a high performance laptop and everything they love about tablets and combine them into one product. Surface Pro created an entirely new category of computing devices. It’s a powerful touch capable laptop with a full keyboard. It’s a thin and light handout that can run your favorite apps. It’s a unique studio canvas for pen input all this in a single, beautiful [00:00:30] device and now it gets even better with Surface Pro Nine.

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Speaker 1: [00:02:00] Every single part of Surface Pro Nine is meticulously crafted with highest grade aluminum. To achieve [00:02:30] beautiful anize colors, I love that. I can hold it to draw, set it down to watch a favorite show or jump on a video called Hands Free. With our iconic kickstand built right into the device and when you click in the keyboard, it transforms into an incredible laptop with precisely tuned back lit keys and precision track pad. You can work from anywhere. And we collaborated with London based Global Design House Liberty. With a special [00:03:00] edition, Liberty Floral Print, it pairs beautifully with a new pro in Sapphire. Underneath an iconic exterior surface has always been about performance. That’s even more true today. With Surface Pro nine, the system is engineered with the latest and most powerful 12 gen processor built on the Intel Evil platform. With Thunderbolt connectors, you can set up two 4K monitors for a powerful desktop setup. This 13 inch pixel sense display [00:03:30] is stunning. It’s engineered to give you the most accurate and the widest range of colors with incredibly smooth gradations. And when I detach the keyboard and bring this beautiful display closer, Windows 11 adapts with larger icon spacing in the task bar, making it easy to use with just touch

Speaker 1: A simple swipe brings up the start menu where I can find all my apps. Like Kindle. One of my favorite Android apps is such a great experience on a touchscreen this large. [00:04:00] And with a swipe, I can access my quick settings, including nightlight, which makes it easier and more comfortable on my eyes. And features like snap layouts work so easily with touch, whether in portrait or landscape. Pro Nine is also an incredible canvas for riding and drawing with your surface limb pen always securely stored and charged inside the keyboard so you won’t lose it at the bottom of your bag. The pen changes [00:04:30] the way I interact with my device.

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Speaker 1: So easy to search with just my pen. And when you need to capture a quick thought, click to Lunch OneNote. You can sketch, drop in images, and take notes all in one place. The pen itself has a micro actuator inside, so you get subtle friction as you write, and the display is fused with optical bonding so the ink flows out from the very tip of your pen. This tech combined with a [00:05:00] new ink focused view in one note, makes it feel like you’re writing on a real piece of paper.

Speaker 1: Now more of your favorite note taking. Apps are coming to Windows 11. I’m excited to announce good notes. One of the most loved note taking apps in the world today is coming soon on Windows. And our friends at Good Notes have made it even better on surface. I’m sure many of you spend a lot of time on video calls to stay connected, we knew we had to get [00:05:30] three critical parts perfectly dialed in for you. On Pro Nine, the front facing camera is centered so you’re not looking off to the side. The field of view is widened and designed at the perfect angle, so you and others are always in view. We designed the microphones and speakers to face directly towards you by carefully creating openings through the display. As a result, you get fully immersed in stereo sound and your voice. Sounds like you we’re excited about Pro Nine and [00:06:00] what you can create with it, but we knew we had to push it even further. And today we’re introducing Surface Pro nine with 5G built on the new Microsoft S Q three processor, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. This device has incredible power, super fast 5G connectivity, and up to 19 hours of battery life with entirely new processing capabilities. We’re going to show you some incredible video [00:06:30] call experiences. You will only get on your Surface Pro Nine with 5G

Speaker 3: In the nineties, GPU ignited a whole new era of gaming and graphics design, But today, neural processing units or NPUs are igniting magical and powerful AI models that will light up your creativity, supercharge your productivity, and transform how you connect with people in your life. The new Surface Pro nine with 5G has the most powerful npu [00:07:00] ever built for Windows, and it gives Azure Cloud a more capable AI teammate. It’s nimble, fast, and efficient. The Pro Nine sits at the forefront of an entirely new class of device for Windows. It can do more than 15 trillion calculations per second with just a few watts of power. Let me show you all that. Computational power drives Surface Pro Nine and Windows Studio effects. This [00:07:30] combination is truly one of the most powerful audio video technologies available in a computer. Until now. Nobody has pulled together the power of these features all in one place ever before. But you have to experience what this means. So let’s lose the production cameras and we’re gonna switch to the Pro Nine Camera. The image produced by this new camera absolutely beautiful and the new portrait blur emulates the wide aperture optical effect of a professional DSLR [00:08:00] camera.

Speaker 3: I often move around the room while I’m video call. Sometimes it’s just me. Sometimes I have friends or family or even colleagues with me with Auto framing built right in. The burden of trying to stay in the shot is now no more. And what’s even cooler? We all know that if a camera zooms in, you would typically become blurry while we solve this problem using the npu as the camera zooms in, we simultaneously deel the image using our innovative super resolution [00:08:30] algorithm right in the auto frame, helping your pictures maintain its sharpness and quality, whether you’re near or far. And this is an industry first, let me call one of my colleagues. We’ll show you how Window Studio Effects helped you stay connected no matter the environment. Hey, oen. Hey

Speaker 4: Stevie. I’m outside here on campus connecting with you remotely on 5G using my Surface Pro nine. You may have heard the [00:09:00] expression. We speak with our eyes. And in this world, when most of your work gets done on video calls, connecting is more important than ever. With the latest generation of our pioneering eye contact feature, we can stay engaged. Maintaining natural eye to eye contact surface is still the only PC that takes it to this level. Believe it or not, this whole time I’ve been talking in this busy cafe, you can see it when I turn off Fortune Blur. With a powerful npu, [00:09:30] we can run large models efficiently so you can be heard better. I’m sure you haven’t been able to hear any of this because I’ve been running the new NPU based voice focus and there’s actually a Gardner who’s decided that this is the right time to blow leaves. You should hear how it really sounds. Hold on. It’s more difficult to hear me right? So lemme turn this back up. Seriously, in almost any noisy situation, whether there’s a leafblower in the background or someone clapping directly into [00:10:00] the microphone, voice focus helps you be heard no matter what. Back to you, Stevie.

Speaker 5: They wouldn’t let me bring my Leafblower in here, so I brought my hair dryer instead. And with voice focus turned on, can’t hear it.

Speaker 3: Thanks. O Windows Studio Effects because of its sophistication requires many trillions of operations per second. But what’s mind boggling [00:10:30] is the Surface Pro Nine. With 5g, all these effects run concurrently and continuously in real time on each video frame. While consuming just a few watts of power on a standard computer, even with the most powerful processors, we would barely be able to run just one of these effects, let alone all of them at the same time. This combination of experiences, the sheer amount of computing and efficiency is unprecedented. It’s built right into Windows [00:11:00] and with just a click of a button, you can use it on any of your favorite video or audio apps or even on the web. And all this magic happens while leaving your CPU and GPU unburdened, so your application tasks can run smoother and faster. But this is just the beginning.

Speaker 3: You see these AI powered experiences, they will continue to demand more from our computers, from requiring trillions of operations per second to the most magical experiences that [00:11:30] can really only run in the cloud, requiring quad drills of operations per second. And when you combine the local processing capability of your Windows PC with the compute power of Azure working as a single unit, that’s when the magic happens. This unifying compute landscape will give rise to a whole new set of experiences and new applications that’ll help you imagine. It’ll help you create and will help you design like never before.

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