Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio 2 Plus – Video

Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio 2 Plus

Microsoft Introduces Surface Studio 2 Plus

Speaker 1: Okay, you just saw what it means when your Windows PC has the power of rich local AI capabilities. Now, hold that idea. We’re gonna come back to it in just a minute. But first I want to talk to you about one more product, The New Surface Studio two Plus. And this is the Ultimate Creator’s Canvas. And it is, uh, it is so powerful. We’ve redesigned it with the Intel I seven Quad core [00:00:30] processor and video GForce RTX 30 60. It is five times more powerful than the original Surface Studio. It’s got three thunderbolt ports. One of the things that everyone had asked for, all creators were pushing us for. I mean, I love it. I love everything about this device. Here’s a thing I love about it most, um, 13 and a half million pixels. So they light up for you. They just light up for you.

Speaker 1: 4K resolution, there’s over a billion colors. The color depth is a D C I P three. For those of you who [00:01:00] are fans, knew Doby Vision Doby. At most, the sound is gorgeous, but ultimately, just look at this, how simple it is. One finger, bring it towards you, something you just fall in love with that I fall in love with this floating sheet of pixels. Find your perfect angle with the zero gravity hinge. Uh, and then Windows 11 just knows, like if you just watch, if you bring it from over here, just look at the task bar. As I lower it, you’ll see it expand. And when it does that, it’s because Windows is adapting to you. But then when I start launching apps, [00:01:30] watch how it comes to life. So I’ll open my Twitter page. Just gonna grab it. Use the windowing mechanism here. Uh, you see it come in the top left corner. I’m gonna open Instagram, bring on media player, and then I’m gonna have just being four 14 inch displays, four apps at once and only. Only here with this screen, with windows on the new Surface Studio.

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