Microsoft Office Deal: Treat Your PC to a License for Just $40 Right Now

As the default on many school and office computers, Microsoft’s Office suite of apps sometimes feels so ubiquitous, you can take the apps for granted. Microsoft Word, for instance, is the industry standard when it comes to word processing. Microsoft Excel offers a higher level of spreadsheet functionality than you’ll generally find in Google Sheets. There’s also Microsoft PowerPoint for creating presentations, Microsoft Outlook for email and scheduling and — on Windows only — Microsoft Access for database management. Together, they’re the original standard for home office productivity — but if you’re buying them on your own dime, they can quickly get pretty pricey. 

Assuming the barebones online freebie version of Office won’t work for you (see below), your options essentially boil down to paying a rolling monthly or yearly fee for a Microsoft 365 subscription or punting for a one-time Office license, which typically costs as much as $430 with the full panoply of apps. But right now, StackSocial is offering a chance to grab a perpetual Microsoft Office 2021 license for just $40, which is good for around 90% off the usual price. Better yet, this license, which is available for either Windows or Mac, is a one-time purchase — no recurring charges.


This wildly popular offer for a Microsoft Office lifetime license is live once again for just $40. It’s available for both Mac and Windows, so be sure to grab the right one for the computer that you use regularly.

StackSocial’s deal is a great bargain when compared to the online Microsoft 365 subscription suite that starts at $7 a month or $70 a year for individuals. There is a free online version of Microsoft Office that you can use as well, but it isn’t nearly as feature complete. (Separately — and notably — Apple users should note that Outlook is now a free app for the Mac.)

Now, a deal this good comes with some caveats. First, this key is only good for a single computer, so you won’t be able to install it on various machines in your home, and if your current computer happens to die, you could run into a snag when trying to transfer it. Likewise, you’re passing up on other benefits you’d get as a 365 subscriber. You won’t get any OneDrive Cloud Storage, nor will you get the fancy new cloud-based AI features like Microsoft Copilot. And while the apps should continue to work as long as your computer does, Microsoft’s support for this version of Office ends on Oct. 13, 2026

To that last point: While listed as a “lifetime license” — that is, the lifetime of the computer you installed it on — it’s worth noting there’s always a risk that Microsoft could terminate the license. But versions of Stack’s deal have been running for more than a year — the one we bought in early 2022, for instance, still works fine. At this cost, it takes a little over six months for you to get a full return on the investment compared to buying the subscription, so the risk factor isn’t super high here.

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