Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Phones Help Blind People Take Photos – Video

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Phones Help Blind People Take Photos

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Phones Help Blind People Take Photos

Speaker 1: Before Pixel. Very few people outside Google and academic research had ever heard the term computational photography, much less applied it to smartphone. Cameras with pixel seven and Google tends a g2. We continue to lead in computational photography with the powerful set of features that help you take accurate images for every skin tone. Fix your photos, film high quality videos, [00:00:30] and snap great pictures from up close or far away. Let’s start with inclusivity. It’s absolutely critical that Pixel Sevens improved. Photo quality extends to everybody. People with darker skin tones are rendered unnaturally when photographed by most cameras. So last year we introduced real tone to make our camera and image products work more equitably for people [00:01:00] of color and we continue to partner with image experts both in the US and around the world to help evaluate our pixel camera and make sure skin tones are represented beautifully and accurately.

Speaker 1: Over the past year, we’ve added more than 10,000 images to the data sets used to tune pixel’s camera. Through that work, we’ve tuned exposure and brightness to better represent darker skin tones in [00:01:30] low light situations, ensuring everyone looks great in those beautiful nightside shots. On Pixel seven, we’ve also partnered with a community of Bipo and non-Western photographers, editors, and visual producers from diversify photo to evaluate how we are delivering improvements to real tune. And with these updates, we are proud to say Pixel is still the most inclusive camera. [00:02:00] Pixel seven also improves the accessibility of pixel’s camera. Finding that perfect angle for a selfie can be particularly challenging for blind and low vision users. Pixel seven can solve that with our new guided frame. Here it is, an action.

Speaker 2: One face, move [00:02:30] your phone slightly left and down. Move your phone slightly, Right enough. Ready for selfie? 3, 2, 1. Photo taken. One face.

Speaker 3: Oh my God, I love this.

Speaker 2: Move your phone writing up. Ready for selfie. Wait,

Speaker 3: I wanna get my bite

Speaker 2: Photo taken.

Speaker 3: This is so cool. My name is Molly Burke. I am a social media content creator and motivational speaker who happens to be blind. So often I find accessibility is focused on [00:03:00] making sure disabled people can do the bare minimum to get by. It’s important that accessibility, not just focus on designing things to make disabled people function, but also empower them to have fun in life. Again,

Speaker 4: I’m Lin One. I’m one of the original creators of KA Frame. GA Frame is a smart selfie feature that help blind location users to take a beautiful selfie

Speaker 1: Photo,

Speaker 4: Take it selfie. To me and to many blind users, I think is a way they [00:03:30] express themself.

Speaker 3: For so long I couldn’t take selfies because I could never frame it correctly. I would try to like show a friend a new t-shirt that I got and I’d be like, Look at how cute this top is. And I text he selfie and she’d be like, Yeah, I can’t see it at all.

Speaker 4: In Google, we strive to make our technology and product accessible for everyone to use. So it’s super important for us to develop a camera experience that’s inclusive photo

Speaker 1: Take.

Speaker 4: We constantly checking with online and [00:04:00] location users because they feel about health makes are product much better.

Speaker 3: My mom is an incredible photographer, but I don’t want to always have to rely on my mom to take my photos. That’s one of those like basic everyday things that gives you that independence that we as disabled people crave.

Speaker 1: With the added access,

Speaker 1: With [00:04:30] the added accessibility of guided frame and the inclusivity and accuracy of real tone, we are continuing our ongoing mission to build a more equitable experience across our camera. Now here’s a problem that stretches back to the earliest days of photography blurry photos. It’s very easy to blame the camera for a blurry shot, but cameras have always struggled to get a clear photo, especially when your kids [00:05:00] won’t hold still or when there’s not enough light in the room at a party. Pixel seven and tensor G2 can fix that. So it’s easier than ever to take CRISPR Sharper images no matter how challenging the scene might be. For instance, with Tensor G Two’s, new Mld Nier night site is now twice as fast reducing unwanted motion blur and producing beautiful low light images with [00:05:30] the same amount of clarity. Of course, we all know blurriness doesn’t happen just at night. Even during the day, if your hand or your kids are moving too much or your focus isn’t perfect, you’ll get blurry images. Pixel seven fixes that by automatically fusing images from the ultra wide and main cameras together to help ensure faces are clear. Tensor, G2 goes even further [00:06:00] using a cutting edge machine learning approach to remove even more blur in even more photos. So your images are incredibly sharp.

Speaker 1: Now most of us have a large collection of old photos, but you might have taken them on a phone or a camera that doesn’t quite match the quality of a Pixel phone. And that’s perfectly fine because Pixel seven can help fix those photos for you with a [00:06:30] brand new feature called Photo and Blur, which is only available with Google Photos on Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro Photo on Blur uses tensor G two S machine learning capabilities to remove blur and visual noise from entire images. So now with just a few taps, you can relive the moment as clearly as you remember it, and you can touch up those old photos with Magic Eraser [00:07:00] to quickly and easily remove distractions. So all your photos are as good as you want them to be, no matter how old they are.

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