Prime Day 2023: Best Kitchen Deals Available Now

Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals are getting better and better. It’s the second and final day today. While there are great deals on personal tech, wellness products, TVs, home goods, mattresses and more, Amazon hasn’t forgotten about home cooks and food fanatics. There are dozens upon dozens of kitchen and cookware deals that are live until stocks last. 

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

We scoured all the best Prime Day kitchen deals and did price comparisons to ensure each one is actually worth your money, and not just smoke and mirrors. From blenders to coffee makers and even a mini fridge or two, these are the best Prime Day deals on kitchen gear, cookware and small appliances for the budget-conscious home cook.

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Best Prime Day kitchen deals for 2023



If you’re going to get a refurbished blender, you might as well make it a Vitamix, which are about as powerful and reliable as home blenders get. This is Vitamix’s entry-level model but still typically costs well over $300 for a new model. Bag the certified reconditioned Explorian with full-year warranty for under $200 for Prime Day.

You’re receiving price alerts for Vitamix Explorian (renewed): $190

coffee machine on counter with pastries


Dig espresso but fancy a pot of drop every once in a while? With this high-end combo coffee maker, you don’t have to choose.

You’re receiving price alerts for De’Longhi all-in-one coffee maker: $250

galanz mini fridge next to oven


If you could use some extra cooling space in a bedroom, garage or basement, this fly retro mini fridge from Galanz is down under $150 right now.

You’re receiving price alerts for Galaz Retro Mini Fridge: $147



The KitchenAid may be associated with baking, but this workhorse can do so much more, especially if you have the right attachments. Make pasta from scratch, grind meat or spiralize vegetables in seconds. Right now, the signature stand mixer is $50 off the sticker price. It’s available in black and white. 

There are other stand mixer models on sale including the Artisan Series and the Artisan Mini.

You’re receiving price alerts for KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer: $280

Ninja air fryer


If you’re air fryer-curious, start with a small model such as Ninja’s powerful 2-quart cooker. It’s a steal at $50 and won’t eat up much of your counter space. This is also the ultimate gift for a new grad headed off the college in the fall.

You’re receiving price alerts for Ninja 2-quart air fryer: $50

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sodastream e terra on table with glass of soda water


This electronic sparkling water maker could save you hundreds every year if you swap it in for your canned soda water habit. Right now the E-Terra is down to $90, but the deal is available by invitation only so hurry up and request an invite so you can get the seltzer water party started. 

You’re receiving price alerts for SodaStream E-Terra: $90



These indoor pod gardens are all the rage, and AeroGarden is still leading the way. It’s a self-contained growing system that provides water and light via LEDs, so you can sit back and enjoy fresh herbs, lettuce, chives and cherry tomatoes. 

This $50 price is a full $10 lower than we’ve ever seen it drop. The AeroGarden Harvest typically retails for $100 or more.

You’re receiving price alerts for AeroGarden Harvest: $50



This powerful little push-top blender is down to a near-all-time low of $70 on Amazon for Prime Day.

staub dutch oven

Williams Sonoma

If I had to pick one piece of cookware to save in a fire, it would definitely be my Staub 4-quart cocotte (fancy speak for Dutch oven). Right now the very same one I use and absolutely adore is down to just $197 in turquoise. 

Staub is up at the top of the heap with crafters such as Le Creuset and Mauviel when we talk about fine French cookware. This is a versatile piece you (or the lucky person you snag it for) will be using for decades, if not longer. This is a major deal on a fine piece of cookware, perfect for braising, stewing, sauces and oven roasts. Enameled cast iron couldn’t be easier to clean and it looks so darn good on your range. 

You’re receiving price alerts for Staub 4-quart cocotte: $203



This fancy digital meat thermometer connects to your phone so you can putz around the house while a big turkey, roast or brisket cooks. It’ll alert you when it’s done so you nail that internal temp every time. Talk about a great gift for the pit master in your life, especially if you snatch one up on sale.



An even more budget-friendly option is Keurig’s smaller pod coffee maker, the K-Slim, which is down to $80. It’s a compact model but still has a 46-ounce backup reservoir so you’re not constantly refilling it.

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