Protect Your Phone and Save With Casetify

We’re well into spooky season so it’s a great time to protect your devices from goblins and ghouls — or just drops and cracks. Casetify is having its Halloween Sale right now and you can save 10% on one item or 20% off two or more when you use the code BOO22. You can also save 15% off any Magsafe cases too. But hurry, this deal won’t last for long. 

Not in the market for a creepy phone protector? You don’t have to buy a Halloween-themed case to take advantage of the sale, Casetify does have some great seasonal options to help you celebrate. Check out these colorful ghosts on the After Party iPhone xase by Lorien Stern. Regular cases are on sale as well right now if you’re looking for one to use year-round. This Lazy Daisy design is a fun and unique option — you’re sure to never mix up your phone with another’s, with this case. For most cases, Casetify will let you customize the case to fit your phone type and allow for certain upgrades like extra protection against drops or Magsafe case options. 

If you can’t catch the sale this time around, make sure you take advantage of Casetify’s Recasetify Program. Send in any brand of used phone cases to Casetify so they can safely recycle the plastic and you will receive a 15% off coupon for your next purchase. 

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