Reddit Is Testing Its Own Version of Verified Accounts

Reddit is joining other social media platforms in verifying certain accounts. The social media site announced Wednesday that it is testing out a new “Official” label on some accounts that have confirmed their identity. 

A phone with Reddit open and an "Official" label circled

You might see these markings on certain Reddit accounts.


Reddit said a small number of organizations that have existing relationships with the site will get the new label. The social media site also said the Official label doesn’t come with any extra perks, like the additional privileges that come with a blue check mark on the site formerly known as Twitter. 

“This label is designed to help mods and users quickly identify these organizations, and allows them to trust that these users are who they say they are,” Reddit wrote online. “Our main goal is to explore ways in which we can help increase authentic engagement between organizations and users.”

A Reddit administrator also said in a post on the site that the Official label should not be confused with the Promoted label, which is used to mark paid advertisements. 

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