Sale Extended: Save 40% On Mattresses and More at Nectar

A bedroom shows a bed frame with a Nectar Premier mattress and folded bedding on top.

Have you been struggling to get a good night’s rest? Your mattress may be to blame. If you toss and turn at night or wake up with a sore back, that may indicate that your mattress is worn out or it may not offer the right amount of support. While mattresses tend to be a big-ticket item, it’s possible to find some decent mattress deals if you shop around. On Friday, Nectar dropped a 1-day flash sale and slashed prices on everything by 40%, including mattresses, bed frames, sheet sets and mattress protectors. This offer has been extended through today, May 6, allowing you a little more time to revamp your sleep space. Just be sure to get your order in soon if you’re interested.

Mattresses start at just $359 during this flash sale. And that discount drops the price on the queen-size Nectar mattress to $629 — that’s a $420 savings. It has a height of 12 inches and a medium-firm feel and it’s made with memory foam, so you won’t have to deal with the motion transfer of traditional spring mattresses, making for a sound sleep even if you share your bed with a partner or pet. And if you’re looking for an option that provides even more pressure relief and stays cooler overall, you may want to upgrade to the Nectar Premier. The queen-size mattress is an inch taller and it’s available for just $899 right now (save $600). The company will ship your mattress for free and provides a 365-night trial of your new mattress, giving you plenty of time to make sure it’s the right fit without committing. 

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