Save Up to 33% on Toshiba Hard Drives Ahead of Prime Day

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The longer you keep your computer, the more stuff you accumulate on it which means less storage over time. With the addition of apps, games and even videos, space on your computer is more important than ever. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, there are plenty of options to upgrade your storage and make it easy to keep your computer running smoothly with this early Prime Day sale where you can save up to 33% off Toshiba hard drives.

Starting with the internal hard drives, you have three different options. If you only need 4TB (which is more than enough for a majority of us out there), then you can check out this Toshiba N300 Pro for $114 (save 16%). For those of you who need a little more storage, this Toshiba X300 12TB hard drive for $268 (save 33%), or this $402 Toshiba N300 16TB internal hard drive will have enough room to hold all your videos, photos, games and more without issue.

External hard drives are where you’re going to see cheaper prices. Each hard drive is a part of the Canvio series, and each has its own purpose. If you need a hard drive that is specifically created for gaming, you can get a Toshiba Canvio gaming 1TB portable external hard drive for just $53. Made for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Mac, you can have this portable hard drive on “always on” mode for responsive gameplay. 

If your concern is just holding files and any other important documents, you can easily snag a Toshiba Canvio advanced 2TB portable external hard drive for $55. What makes this external hard drive different is that it has automatic backup software, and you have access to password protection software to stop people from accessing your data.

There are plenty more Toshiba hard drives you should check out if you want to keep your data secure and store everything you need in one space. 

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