Score a Kid-Friendly Kindle for Just $50 With This Early Prime Day Deal

Ditch the traditional bookshelf and upgrade to an e-reader for your child. E-readers save space, are ultraportable and grant access to a massive library of options whenever you want to explore something new. 

In anticipation of Prime Day, plenty of early Prime Day deals have already arrived, helping you save money on a ton of popular items, and right now, Kindle Kids devices are discounted by $60 at Amazon, bringing the price to just $50 for these e-readers designed for especially for children. This offer is available through July 11.

The Kindle Kids e-reader has a 6-inch, black-and-white, glare-free, 167-ppi display and 8GB of storage. It can connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. That means your kids can access a ton of audiobooks from Audible, too. These e-readers are specifically for reading, so your kids won’t be distracted by apps, videos or games while they’re using their device, like they might on a traditional tablet.

The Kindle Kids also has a long battery life — it can last weeks on a single charge, which is great for when you’re on the go. And when you buy a new Kindle Kids e-reader, you’ll get a kid-friendly cover, a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids Plus service and a two-year guarantee to replace broken devices. 

Amazon Kids Plus has a ton of children’s literature available. Some titles, like the Harry Potter series, are included for free, while there are thousands of other books available for purchase as well. After the first year, your subscription will renew at $5 a month, but you can cancel anytime by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard. You’ll find parental controls on the dashboard, too, allowing you to adjust age filters, add books to your child’s library, view reading progress and more. You can also use Amazon Kids Plus on other compatible Kindle devices, Fire tablets, Echo smart speakers and more.

There are also tools to help your child tackle more challenging books such as Vocabulary Builder, which can help look up words and create flash cards for practicing new words, and Word Wise, which can automatically show simple on-screen definitions above difficult words. At $50, this is a great time to invest in an e-reader that can help your child form strong, healthy reading habits.

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