Screen Protectors That Line Themselves Up Are My Favorite Prime Day Deal

Installing a screen protector on my phone used to require me to enter a near-meditative focus, especially in order to line up the tempered glass correctly before removing the adhesive. But lately more screen protectors are coming with a self-alignment kit which has made the process so much better by taking a lot of that guesswork out, and a few are among Amazon’s Prime Day deals that are still available as the sale comes to a close Wednesday.

This is especially helpful for anyone who drops their phone constantly, which I do, and with that I am replacing my screen protector frequently, roughly two to three times a year. The glass absorbs the shock, and then eventually a healthy scratch develops on the screen protector instead of on my phone.

The one I use the most is made by Spigen, which I find especially easy to install because the frame around the screen protector is quite large. 

Following the instruction video, the frame around the screen protector makes guiding the tempered glass down onto the device simple. Once it’s aligned, pressing a finger down on the sticker and moving it back and forth guides the adhesive fully across the screen. Then any remaining air bubbles — usually there’s one — can be pushed out to the edge. This has greatly helped me avoid times where I had just missed a perfect alignment on my phone, leaving me to either live with it or to rip off the screen protector and try again. 

Spigen isn’t the only one making this style of screen protector for the iPhone, and you can find them available for Google’s Pixel 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S22 from other manufacturers. Most of the Prime Day deals on these screen protectors are only about $2 to $3 off of the list price, but saving a buck off something you may well need to protect your phone isn’t bad at all.


Spigen makes its tempered glass screen protector with what it calls an “EZ Fit Tray” to help ensure proper alignment. While this listing is for the model that works with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the company also makes screen protectors for other iPhone models.

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Power Theory

This Power Theory Screen Protector comes with its own install kit to help align with Google’s Pixel 6, and the screen protector provides support for the in-screen fingerprint sensor. While we haven’t directly tested this screen protector, it should protect the phone while keeping its full functionality.

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This screen protector from KCT is made for the Galaxy S22 Plus, and includes its own install kit to help align the screen protector with Samsung’s phone. While we haven’t tested this screen protector directly, the listing reports that it maintains compatibility with the phone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor.

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