See the New Apple Wallet for iOS 16 – Video

See the New Apple Wallet for iOS 16

See the New Apple Wallet for iOS 16

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Speaker 1: With apple wallet, we’re working hard on our goal to replace your physical wallet. Take what we’re doing with driver’s license and ID cards. We’re excited to have launched Maryland and Arizona with 11 additional states actively working on deployments. And the first locations now accepting wallet IDs are select TSA security checkpoints. You’ll also be able to securely present your ID to apps, requiring identity and age verification to protect your privacy. [00:00:30] Only the necessary information will be shared. So rather than providing your exact birthday, you can simply share that you are over 21. Now let’s talk about keys. Our growing suite of keys in wallet makes it easy to access everyday places like your home car, hotel, and office, all with just your iPhone. And now we’re making sharing keys even easier with your favorite messaging apps like mail messages or WhatsApp. When your friend receives the key, they [00:01:00] can add it to their wallet with a single tap.

Speaker 1: And to let you share keys with people who don’t have an iPhone, we are working with the I E T F to make sharing keys in industry standard that is free for others to adopt. We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm from our partners with more of them signing on to support keys for all the places you visit. Now, let’s talk about apple pay one of the most important areas of wallet. We’ve made a lot of progress with apple pay acceptance in stores and online. And now we’re expanding even further [00:01:30] starting this month with tap to pay on iPhone millions of merchants across the us can accept contactless payments directly on iPhone with no additional hardware or payment terminal needed. Beginning with apps from these payment providers tap to pay on iPhone enables small merchants and large retailers to use iPhone to securely accept payments. In addition to expanded acceptance, we are also enhancing apple pay to support new types of payments.

Speaker 1: So we are thrilled to [00:02:00] announce apple pay later. Apple pay later, lets you split the cost of an apple pay purchase into four equal payments spread over six weeks with zero interest and no fees of any kind and apple pay later is available. Everywhere. Apple pay is accepted in apps and online. You can now get that espresso machine you’ve wanted and pay for it over time with no additional cost for developers and merchants. Apple pay later requires no integration. It just works using their [00:02:30] standard. Apple pay implementation. Upcoming payments are managed through wallet, making it easy to keep track of what’s due when and to stay within a budget. And after you’ve placed your order, we have another brand new feature that helps you track it. Apple pay order tracking enables merchants to deliver detailed receipt and tracking information directly to wallet, making it easy to get the latest information on all of your apple pay orders delivered securely and privately to your device. Apple pay order tracking [00:03:00] will be offered at millions of merchants through eCommerce platforms, starting with Shopify.

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