Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Review: Improved in 4 Key Ways – Video

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Review: Improved in 4 Key Ways

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 Review: Improved in 4 Key Ways

Speaker 1: Hey there. I have cen Heiser momentum, true wireless three earbuds here. And I have to admit, I was pretty excited to get my hands on these. The previous model was really good, but it did leave a little room for improvement. So I was curious to see Howen Heiser upgraded this third generation version and how it stacks up to other top noise gains on earbuds like SODIS w F 1000 X mark four. Let’s stop about that.

Speaker 1: Okay. For starters, these costs a little less, though. They’re still pretty pricey. [00:00:30] The momentum true wireless two let’s call ’em the MTW two for short listed for $300, but have been selling for $200 are less online. The MTW three are $250 the gate, and I suspect we’ll see them for closer to $200 in the not so distant future. They’re also 16% smaller than the Mt w two and come in three color options. I have the graph eye color here, which I think is pretty slick, but you can also pick them up in black or white. And there are links to all the products mentioned in this video, in the description below [00:01:00] the design has changed the MTW and MTW two had a more rounded look, and these are more rectangular shaped and share some of the same design elements as the step down CX true wireless and CX two wireless plus buds that semis are released at more affordable price points.

Speaker 1: Last year, the charging case looks similar to this MTW two S case, but it is a bit more compact, a offer wireless charging for those who want that feature. The other big design change is the addition of a rubberized fin to help keep the buzz in your ears. More [00:01:30] securely. It’s not a big wing, like you’ll find on SERS new sport, true wireless earbuds or the beats fit pro it’s more subtle kind of a bump or Ridge. I started with the default medium size fin that moved on large fin. The bud saved my ears fine with both sizes, but I got a little more secure fit with the largest fin and used that when I was running and had no problem keeping the buds in my ears, their IPX for water resistant. So they’re splashproof and survived just fine. After I left them out in the rain for 15 minutes, [00:02:00] needless to say, it’ll have to play a around with the fins and tips to see what combination gets you the most comfortable fit with the Titu seal. But by making the buds a little smaller, they should fit a wider spectrum of years. And while I can’t tell you, if they’ll be a perfect fit for your years, particularly if you have really small ears, I do like what son Heer has done with their design. And they are more compact than a CX true wireless buzz and the Sony w F 1000 X mark four buts. In fact, for those of you who found that the otherwise excellent [00:02:30] Sonys caused some discomfort, these might be a good alternative.

Speaker 1: I’ll get into how they sound and form in a minute. But first I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of their key features as noted. They have active noise canceling. It’s the adaptive variety. You can’t adjust the levels. And there’s also a transparency mode. That’s an awareness mode that lets sound in. It sounds pretty natural, but it isn’t quite as natural sounding as what you get with the transparency mode on [00:03:00] the AirPods pro you give a quick tap on the left bud to toggle between noise canceling and transparency, and the buds do have touch controls and they are quite responsive. There’s also an anti wind mode. That’s part of the noise canceling settings. However, as far as I can tell, you have to access that through the app. Along with equalizer settings, you can customize the touch controls a bit, and it’s worth mentioning the tap and hold gesture allows you to adjust volume up and down on the buds themselves.

Speaker 1: Also, you can use either [00:03:30] bud solo left or right, and leave one charging in the case, if you want. Additionally, these have ear detection sensors. So if you move a bud from your ear, your music pauses, then it resumes when you put it back in, can also have the bus shut down automatically after set time interval, if you leave them outta their case, that helps preserve battery life, which is fairly decent at around seven hours at modern buying levels. That’s the same numbers. What you got from the MTW two S battery. So no changes there. These use Bluetooth 5.2 a lasts [00:04:00] at launch. Anyway, they don’t have multipoint Bluetooth pairing, which will allow you to pair the buds with two devices at the same time, say a computer and your smartphone. But I was told that the feature will be added with a firmware upgrade in the future.

Speaker 1: That means that the chip set supports multipoint Bluetooth pairing, but the engineers are still working on the software or to enable it and make it work reliably. That can be tricky with true wireless earbuds, the buzz for both the AAC and apex adaptive audio [00:04:30] codex, many Android phone support apex, and with the right setup, going with apex for Bluetooth streaming may improve audio quality. Slightly. That set, I didn’t know, was a major difference going back and forth between an iPhone 13 pro and a couple of Android phones using the Cobas streaming service that does offer higher resolution streaming over app techs adaptive.

Speaker 1: So how exactly do these sound well, slightly better than the [00:05:00] previous model? Which one? The best sounding true wireless ear buds when it was released in 2020, while this new version has seemingly similar seven millimeter drivers, the buds sounded slightly clearer and more accurate to my ears and also played slightly louder out of the box. These have a slightly more balanced audio file sound profile compared to the Sony WF 1000 I at KU back four, which have a little more energy in the base and are slightly warmer, both have a pretty wide sound stage with relatively open, big [00:05:30] sound. The sanitizers offer a bit more clarity. And I end up using the soundcheck feature in the app to come up with a custom preset equalizer setting based on my listening taste. My sound profile ended up looking a little bit like the pop happy face profile with the base and trouble boosts a bit.

Speaker 1: And the mids tone down a tad with that profile. That earbuds sounded a little more like the SOS and the base came across as powerful yet. Well defined the long and short of it is that MTW three are totally really pleasant to listen to with smooth yet [00:06:00] lively sound and nice detail. They work well with a variety of music genres, and I didn’t experience any listening fatigue, even over longer listening sessions. I’ll finish by talking about the noise canceling and voice calling performance send Heiser has made some improvements with the noise canceling and from my standing in front of a noisy HVAC unit in my apartment, the noise canceling appears to be right there with Sony’s and Bowes. How well the noise canceling muffle sound does depend on how tight a seal you get with the included Eart tips, but send, he [00:06:30] does appear to have up his game in the noise canceling department. The same as true for voice calls. These have three microphones on each bud and caller said they did a decent job reducing background noise. When I was talking to them from the noisy streets of New York city, there was a little bit of a white noise generated, but they said they could hear my voice clearly when I spoke. So voice calling performance has improved significantly from the previous model.

Speaker 2: Yeah. So a lot of cars going by fire truck just went by. I, you can hear my voice clearly. [00:07:00] Um,

Speaker 3: Yeah, I’m not

Speaker 2: Are supposed to be better than the momentum two with, uh, have a, another, an additional microphone.

Speaker 3: Yeah. So I’m not really hearing very many, um, noises in the background. I do hear a little bit of kind of a static white noise, but I feel like the, the buds are doing a decent job of walking out that distant noise. Still hear a couple of people chatting, but, um, overall not too bad,

Speaker 1: All in all, except [00:07:30] for the lack of multi-point blue tooth pairing at launch, I don’t really have anything major to complain about. I don’t think you get a huge bump in sound quality from the CX true wireless plus buds that cost less, but the Mt w three S design is sleeker and more compact and should fit more ears comfortably. These buds also work better as a headset for making calls than the noise canceling is seemingly superior. As I said, they’re pretty pricey, but they’re an excellent set of earbuds for both iOS and Android users and will hopefully improve a with firmware upgrades. [00:08:00] I do think they face a lot of competition. There are now several premium buzz in this price range, including the 200 beats fit pro that sound impressive and perform well. And we could get new AirPods pro with upgraded sound later this year. But as of this moment, they’re definitely among my favorite new year buds and are worthy of strong consideration. Especially if you see their price tip a bit. It, but let me know what you think sound off in the comment section. And if you found this video informative at all, hit the like button and subscribe. If you haven’t already, I’m David Connor for CNET. Thanks for watching.

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