Snag a Huge 75-Inch Screen and Save $400 With This Fire TV Omni Deal

Football season is here, and with the weather starting to cool, more of us are going to be spending more time indoors, making this an ideal time to revamp your entertainment setup. Investing in a big screen TV can totally change your space, giving you a theatrical experience on your own couch. 

Right now Best Buy has slashed the price of Amazon’s 75-inch Fire TV Omni by $400, meaning you’ll pay just $700 for a smart 4K TV with a ton of great features, including built-in Alexa. This offer is only available for a limited time. 

Amazon’s Fire TV Omni delivers content in 4K Ultra HD and supports HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Vision, giving you a quality home cinema experience. If you have a space that can support a massive 75-inch LED screen, this is a deal worth looking into. While we haven’t reviewed this particular model, going by the brand and specs we would expect the picture quality not to be the best on the market, but certainly good enough for most people. 

This TV also has built-in microphones, as well as built-in Alexa, meaning not only can you find all your favorite shows hands-free and control your TV using only your voice, but your TV is also compatible with other Amazon devices, including Echo speakers. That means you can easily connect Echo speakers to your TV to provide a higher-quality sound that is truly immersive. (And there is still a remote for the times you just want to be able to click and go.)

Concerned about privacy? You can switch off the microphones with the touch of a button. Additionally, this TV comes with different parental controls and profile settings, which makes it even easier to keep your kids from accessing mature content when you’re multitasking.  

And the Omni TV can support two-way video calling. All you need is a compatible webcam (sold separately). This can be a great feature for staying connected with family or for anyone working from home who wants to take advantage of the large screen. At $700, this TV packs an impressive list of features, making it a solid deal. But if you’re looking for a different size or want a different array of features, check out other 4K TV deals available now. 

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