The Best Stuff to Keep You Warm This Winter, According to the Coziest CNET Staff

Winter has definitely arrived and unlike the Stark family, most of us don’t have giant direwolves to snuggle up with to stay warm. Instead, we rely on warm clothes and cool technology to make us feel cozy. 

The CNET team is not immune to the chill of the colder months, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite warming devices to help you make good choices this winter.


My feet get cold when it’s cold, so the obvious solution is to wear warm socks and/or slippers. I’ve gone through many pairs of soft, machine-washable slippers and soft-bottomed, sheepskin slippers over the years. But for some reason, it never occurred to me until recently to get hard-soled slippers that I can also keep on (instead of sliding my feet out of my slippers) when I needed to run to the end of the driveway to get mail or slip out the backdoor briefly to convince the dog to come in out of the rain.

You have many choices about the kind of slipper you want and I’m not here to make any judgments. But being able to keep on my slippers for those brief forays out of my California home has helped me stay warm, if only because I don’t have to switch shoes at the door and then remember to put my slippers back on when I get back inside. Yes, of all the problems in the world, this is a little one. But to me, it’s been a game-changer.

— Connie Guglielmo

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This Suburbs Electric Fireplace is a space heater that looks like a fireplace. While it may sound cheesy, this product is extremely cozy and inviting. It warms my poorly heated basement with ease, and it also feels calming to look at. Yes, I know it’s not a real fire. But my brain just says, “Ooooh, survival,” and blisses out when I sit near the heater. It’s simply a big step up from a regular space heater in terms of ambiance.

My only caveats are that it can’t oscillate and it only has one intensity level, unlike many clunkier-looking space heaters. Still, I love that it has a thermostat, a timer and a remote control. From a crucial safety standpoint, it’s also easy to remember to turn it off because the fake flames keep flickering as long as the heater is on. I recommend sitting by it while wearing fleece-lined jeans, my other favorite purchase of this season, while holding a mug of something warm. 

— Laura Hautala

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I’m not usually a “you’ve gotta buy this brand” person, but: You’ve gotta buy this brand. Smartwool’s base layer tops, bottoms, hats, gloves and socks are made from merino wool, which promises to regulate body temperature and vaporize sweat. And in my experience, it works: Smartwool products have become my go-to when I know I’m going to have to be outdoors in the cold, and make a big difference. 

They’re pricey, but an investment — these pieces hold up over time. I’ve had some base layer shirts for years now. Not for nothing, they also offer plus-sized clothes and have a number of environmentally friendly practices in place.

— Alison DeNisco Rayome


I regularly rely on hand warmers, but I don’t like single-use products, so I went looking for something I could rely on and landed on this. It’s basically a big battery and a heating element, with a USB-C charging port. There are three levels of heat output, the top level being seriously warm, and I find one full charge usually lasts me about two hours when it’s cold enough to need it.

— Russell Holly

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I live in South Carolina, so most of the time the weather is pretty reasonable and you don’t need to have a lot of cold-weather gear around. Because of this, most days I only need a sweatshirt at most to get the day started, then by the afternoon I’m in shorts and a T-shirt. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothes (never have), so this Hanes sweatshirt is perfect.

It keeps me warm enough, is soft, and has a hood and a front pocket for my hands. It fits true to size and has held up great to many washes. It comes in a huge number of colors, so you can get a few of them to have around without breaking the bank.

— Jared DiPane

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Sure, I could crank up the heat throughout my entire home or huddle dangerously close to the heating vents. But when the shivers take hold, I’m much more likely to reach for my heating pad. Luscious, localized heat warms me up in minutes while making a smaller dent in my energy bill. Best yet, a heating pad is eminently portable, which means I can wrap it around my feet on the couch, drape it over my lap at my desk or radiate heat down my back while reading in bed.

— Jessica Dolcourt

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Yes, it’s nice to plan for chilly weather, but what happens when you’re traveling and dramatically underestimate how low the temps will plunge? You don’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe — just something to get you through a few days so your business trip or vacation isn’t ruined. Enter Uniqlo, a fast-fashion brand with its HeatTech product line of affordable innerwear (or long underwear if you’re traditional).

For less than $20, you can pick up a pair of tights that will make your life a lot easier. As a former New Yorker, I can tell you protecting the legs is the most cost-effective way to get through a chilly spell, though Uniqlo also has tops, gloves and hats to complete your budget winter survival outfit. Uniqlo stores aren’t everywhere in the country, but you can zip over to one in Chicago, New York City, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco and the Washington, DC area (as well as Los Angeles and Orlando, though you probably won’t need HeatTech there!). Everyone else can order online and get their affordable winter protections in a few days — or see if there’s an H&M in town with its own line of thermal long johns.

— David Lumb

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