The RapidX MyPort Power Bank Is the Ideal Gift for Travelers

This story is part of 84 Days of Holiday, a collection that helps you find the perfect gift for anyone.

There are thousands of power bank chargers you can purchase on the internet right now, but if you’re an avid traveler and use your phone nonstop (who doesn’t?), then the RapidX MyPort Power Bank is for you.

Why it’s a great gift: On my last trip to South Korea, this power bank was a lifesaver. I was constantly on my phone, looking at directions and transit info, taking hundreds of photos and videos, and by midday, my phone was hovering at about 20%. The power bank was portable enough to fit in my fanny pack and was ready to charge up my phone and portable Wi-Fi hotspot on the go.

It has two USB ports at the button: a standard USB-A and a fast-charging 18W USB-C PD port. On the front is a Qi-certified wireless charger that’s capable of delivering 10W of power. The power bank not only offers a variety of charging options, but RapidX also includes a charging stand for the power bank. It sits upright and has a lip at the bottom, so you can charge your phone wirelessly next to your bed. A single USB-C cable in the back charges both your phone and the power bank at night. The MyPort Power Bank is a single power bank that gives you so much flexibility and freedom to charge up any device via USB ports and QI-capable wireless charging.

What you’ll pay: The list price of the RapidX MyPort Power Bank is $80, but it’s often on sale for $65 or less. It comes in black and warm silver.

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