Try On an Apple Watch Series 3 From Just $95 Today Only at Woot

The Apple Watch is a terrific fitness tracker and communication device, but not everyone needs to have the latest smartwatch strapped to their wrist. If you don’t want to spend $400 and up for the current Apple Watch Series 7, Woot has an array of Apple Watch Series 3 deals that can scratch your smartwatch itch without breaking the bank. These one-day deals offer refurb Series 3 models in 38mm or 42mm sizes and both GPS and GPS and cellular configurations with prices starting at just $95

The devices offered by Woot are listed in “scratch and dent” condition which means they may show some physical signs of wear. The devices have, however, been tested to ensure they’re fully functional and have at least 85% of their original battery capacity remaining. If you can live with some superficial imperfections, you’ll be getting a much more affordable device.

Apple Watch Series 3 features accurate fitness-tracking capabilities and a built-in heart rate monitor. It’s great for use with Apple’s Fitness Plus service and is an affordable way to get into workout tracking. You can also load up the internal storage with music and podcasts to listen to on the go with support for wireless earbuds. Other notable features include water resistance up to 50 meters, a built-in altimeter and internal mics and speakers for taking Dick Tracy-style calls from your wrist. 

It’s worth noting that the Apple Watch Series 3 will not get this fall’s WatchOS 9 software update, though you’ll still be able to use all of the features WatchOS 8 offers going forward. We wouldn’t recommend buying one of these at the regular retail price, but at under $100 it’s a good buy for those wanting to upgrade from a really old Apple Watch or potentially replace their existing, broken Series 3 with one in better shape.

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