Uber Launches New Nationwide Shipping Feature

Looking for a way to send your father a meal for Father’s Day? Or maybe you want to spice up your anniversary dinner by ordering a meal from another city? Uber Eats has you covered with its newly launched Nationwide shipping feature. 

Uber announced its new Nationwide shipping feature Tuesday as demand for shipping food across US cities and states has increased over the last several years. Users can now have products shipped from their favorite merchants in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles. Uber says more cities will be included soon. 

Ordering with Nationwide shipping takes just a few steps. Open the Uber Eats app, select Home and scroll until you see Nationwide shipping. Choose the merchant you’d like to order from and add items to your cart just as you would with a local Uber Eats purchase. Confirm your order in the cart, checkout and place the order. You’ll then receive an email with tracking info to follow the status of your order. 

Uber’s Nationwide shipping is taking a similar approach to Goldbelly, an edible e-commerce site that ships food and food kits from across the US. Many other companies are experimenting with delivery options this year, including Walmart expanding its drone delivery service, and DoorDash offering beer and wine deliveries

This is just the latest Uber delivery feature. In May, Uber announced it will now deliver from over 70 grocery outlet stores and offer a new Comfort Electric tier in the Uber app so users can request a ride in an electric vehicle. Uber is also launching voice ordering, in-venue ordering and pilot autonomous deliveries this year. 

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Food delivery apps compared: DoorDash vs. Uber Eats


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