Watch Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Reveal – Video

Watch Google's Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Reveal

Watch Google's Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro Reveal

Speaker 1: As the Pixel portfolio expands, the phone is at the center of it all. When we launch Pixel six, we introduced the world to the first phone powered by Google Tensor. Using advances in our AI to create a more helpful experience with features and capabilities you couldn’t get on any other phone. Pixel has always been a leader in smartphone innovation and we take it as a compliment when others in the industry follow our lead, [00:00:30] like the Always on display and add a Glance. Introduce with Pixel two, putting useful info right on your lock screen. And there’s Night Site which launched with Pixel three and Astra Photography, which set a new bar for low light photography on a smartphone. And we introduced car crash detection three years ago, along with other important ways to keep you safe, like safety check and emergency sharing. It’s an amazing track record of pioneering features that were first on Pixel and make [00:01:00] the fun experience so much more helpful. We even take a different approach in how we deliver the latest innovations. So much of the unique Pixel experience is software defined, which means that we can give your existing phone access to new features and upgrades so your pixel stays useful longer. That’s the idea behind Pixel feature drops

Speaker 1: Every few months. Your phone gets new capabilities and features, which means your pixel gets even better over time and you’ll [00:01:30] be protected over time too. With five years of security updates directly from Google with a steady stream of feature drops and ongoing security updates, day one with your Pixel phone is just the first of many best days to come. Speaking of day one, I’m excited to show you the new standard for smartphones Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro. They take all the helpfulness and personal intelligence people love about Pixel and make them even better. [00:02:00] Pixel seven’s improvements, start with the looks. This is the ultimate refinement of Pixel. Simplifying the parts into construction to make a phone that’s sophisticated and distinct. Pixel seven has a silky matte finish on the aluminum camera bar in housing with three camera colors, three color options. It features a sharp 6.3 inch display with smaller BES and 25% higher peak brightness for incredible outdoor visibility during the day. [00:02:30] Pixel seven also includes a great all day battery with up to 72 hours between charges when you use extreme battery saver mode. In terms of camera, IT support a dual rear camera system as well as an upgraded ultra wide front facing camera with a larger sensor for better nighttime selfies and stunning 4K video.

Speaker 1: And we’re taking the pixel line up to new heights with Pixel seven Pro, it’s our most advanced phone yet with a beautiful sophisticated [00:03:00] design and a pro-level camera with performance to match. You can see the premium polished aluminum finish on the camera bar in housing, which compliments its three colors. Pixel seven Pro has an upgraded super sharp 6.7 inch display with its variable refresh rate. You get responsive gaming and smooth scrolling without killing your battery. Pixel seven Pro has a triple rear camera system featuring upgraded telephoto and ultra wide cameras. [00:03:30] It’s front facing ultra wide. Camera is great for low light selfies, videos and more. And the front camera has another role to play. Pixel seven pixel seven’s. Pro’s. Front camera uses our advanced machine learn learning models for face recognition to power face unlock, so you have the faster, more secure under display fingerprint reader. And now you have the convenience of unlocking your phone with a glance. You heard Rick speak earlier about the new tensor G2 Chip, [00:04:00] our powerful new processor inside Pixel seven and seven pro. Our next generation CHIP includes a dedicated tpu so we can bring Google’s state-of-the-art, AI, and personal intelligence directly to the phone

Speaker 1: And the entire tensor G2 Chip has been designed to ensure every major subsystem works really well together to handle the complex nuanced nature of Google’s most innovative software and ML capabilities. So now machine learning runs up to 60% faster and up to 20% more efficiently. On [00:04:30] Pixel seven and seven. Pro tensor G two s design also helps lower the power consumption for everyday phone activities like recording videos, streaming music, speech recognition, and translating conversations. And tenor G two makes your smartphone smarter, enabling all kinds of technological breakthroughs and magically helpful experiences with tenor G two. At its core, Pixel seven is the best smartphone for voice assistance. It’s the best phone for calling. [00:05:00] It’s the best phone for photography. And as you heard from Jen, it’s the most secure and private pixel we’ve ever made. Let’s start with voice assistance. Google’s industry leading understanding of human language and speech powers our most helpful voice experience with new capabilities on Pixel seven and seven Pro thanks to Tensor G two. When your phone understands your voice, it opens up so many more possibilities. Translating conversations with live translate, [00:05:30] asking Google assistant endless questions, navigating directly to apps without tapping and easily sending messages.

Speaker 1: Take assistant voice typing, which is on average two and a half times faster than using a keyboard. On Pixel seven, Assistant voice typing will automatically suggest relevant emoji to insert and it’s much more forgiving now in case you don’t know the exact name of the emoji you’re looking for. So saying something like Happy emoji gets you what you want, but that’s an easy one. What [00:06:00] about upside down face emoji or heart eyes, cat emoji or woo emoji? Speaking to your phone can be so much more convenient, but listening isn’t always an option when you’re on the receiving end. Ever get an audio message when you’re in a quiet place without headphones? It’s frustrating, right? While Pixel seven can now use Google’s advanced speech recognition model to transcribe your audio messages right in the Message app so you can quickly skim them. [00:06:30] And when it comes to text messages, Pixel uses rcs for enhanced media sharing and end to end encryption. RCS is the modern industry standard for messaging and it’s already been adopted by most of the industry. We hope every device maker gets the message and adopts rcs making texting better for every smartphone user.

Speaker 1: And if there are any reporters in the crowd, you’ll be happy to hear that the Recorder app and Pixel seven is getting speaker labels later this year. So instead of a single [00:07:00] transcript of your meeting or interview on device models will separate the speakers for you. Now, what about phone calls between spammers, customer service, phone menus and bad audio quality phone calls can be such a hassle. So Pixel seven is designed to be the best phone for actual phone calling. Pixel devices are the only phones with Pixel Call assist a suite of features that helps with everything from making calls to avoiding [00:07:30] them like call screen, which automatically answers unknown callers asks who’s calling and filters out spammers based on what they say without ever interrupting you. Our users tell us Call screen is one of their favorite pixel features and for good reason, it’s handled over 600 million calls for users last year. And when you call a business direct, my call can help you navigate their phone directories without having to listen and re-listen to a list of options. Since launching Direct My Call last year, it’s [00:08:00] helped Pixel users navigate over 50 million calls with businesses

Speaker 1: With Pixel seven. The Direct My Call experience gets even easier. Instead of listening to a long recorded message describing each option, you’ll see a list of menu options right away. You can tap the option you want even before it’s spoken. Your phone should also make your phone calls sound better coming in a feature drop later this year. Clear calling will make it even easier to hear the other person at the end. At other end of the line, [00:08:30] just like the acclaim background noise suppression on Pixel Buds Pro Clear calling uses machine learning to recognize, isolate, and eliminate distracting sounds like wind and traffic noise while enhancing your call’s voice so your friends can call you from anywhere and you’ll be able to hear ’em just fine.

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