What We Expect To See in the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch – Video

What We Expect To See in the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch

What We Expect To See in the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch

Speaker 1: Google is set to unveil the Pixel seven at its made by Google event on October 6th. The company teased the new phone earlier this year, but we still don’t have any specific details on price or specs. Here’s what we do know and what we expect from the launch event.

Speaker 2: Google

Speaker 1: First announced the Pixel seven and Pixel seven Pro at its annual developer conference in May, which gave us an idea of what to expect [00:00:30] both devices will launch in the fall. We don’t know the exact release date just yet, but we do know it’ll be in October. The phones will score a second Gen 10 search chip Google’s in-house silicon. The processor made its debut in the Pixel six series and allowed for new features in the camera system. That includes Magic Eraser, which removes unwanted objects from photos and real tone, which portrays skin tones more accurately. You can learn more about Google’s efforts in that space by watching my video on the [00:01:00] Monk skin tone scale. We don’t know much yet about the second gen tensor chip, but we can probably expect similar machine learning based improvements. The Pixel seven series will feature Android 13 and a more refined version of the pixel six’s general design.

Speaker 1: Remember that black camera bar that ran across the back of the Pixel six? The bar on the Pixel seven will be made of recycled aluminum and feature black camera cutouts that stand out a little bit more. Google Renders show the Pixel seven Pro will [00:01:30] also have a triple rear camera system, just like the six Pro and the standard Pixel seven appears to have two rear cameras just like the Pixel six. We don’t know much more than that when it comes to cameras, but the pictures appear to show that the Pixel seven Pro will have a standard wide, ultra wide and telephoto lens for the front camera. The Pixel seven will have a pill shaped camera noch according to images Google shared in May. Meanwhile, the Pixel seven Pro will feature a punch hole cutout and a [00:02:00] pill box cutout together. These cameras will kind of look like a sideways exclamation point that houses three cameras along with the Pixel seven lineup.

Speaker 1: We’re also expecting to see the Pixel watch. Google’s first smartwatch. The company previewed the Pixel watch during its IO developers conference in May. It showed what the watch will look like and Saturn will have certain health tracking features from Google’s subsidiary Fitbit, but we didn’t get many other details. For example, we still don’t know how much the [00:02:30] watch will cost or when exactly it’ll be available, but we do know some more general details about the watches design and features. We know the Pixel Watch has a circular face with a domed design and glass that looks like it curbs over the edges. It’s made of recycled stainless steel and there’s a tactile crown that looks similar to the one on the Apple Watch. Rumors suggest the watch will measure 40 millimeters wide and 14 millimeters thick. The Pixel Watch is expected to come in black, silver and [00:03:00] gold color options, and you can also get customizable straps.

Speaker 1: Of course, the Pixel watch will run on Google’s Wear OS platform. We’re expecting to see some Fitbit features too, like continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. You’ll be able to check Fitbit Health statistics like heart rate and steps directly from the watch face, but we don’t know exactly which health tracking sensors will be in the Pixel Watch. Also, because the Pixel Watch is designed to compliment Google’s pixel devices, it won’t be compatible [00:03:30] with iPhones according to a Google spokesperson. That’s all the more reason the Pixel watch won’t replace Fitbits products. Since those do work with both iOS and Android. Another thing we know is that Google will offer a 4G LTE option of the Pixel watch, so it can keep a cellular connection even when there isn’t a phone nearby that differs from Fitbit Smart watches, which don’t offer a cellular enabled option. Rumors suggest the Pixel watch will have a battery capacity of 300 milliamp hours that lasts [00:04:00] for around a day on a single charge.

Speaker 1: It’ll reportedly have 1.5 gigabytes of Ram and 32 gigabytes of storage, but none of this has been confirmed yet. Again, we don’t know how much the Pixel watch will cost, but we do know it’ll be priced as a premium product. It’s not clear what exactly that means, but it could compete with the Apple Watch Series eight, which starts at $399, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch four, which starts at around $250. We’ll have to wait until the official launch event to get all the [00:04:30] details about these products, but Google clearly hasn’t shied away from teasing its new releases. So which products are you most excited for and what are you hoping to see in the pixels seven and Pixel Watch.

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