WhatsApp’s New Feature Makes It Easier to Save Links and Notes for Later

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WhatsApp now allows you to text yourself inside of the chat app, which can be particularly helpful if you want to save a quick link or jot down reminders for later.

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It’s a feature that is available in other texting apps, such as Signal and Slack, and it provides another method of organizing for anyone who spends much of their time using the chat app anyway.

I’ll often text myself when I need a quick way to move a web browser link from my phone to a desktop computer. With this method through WhatsApp, I can text it to myself from my phone, load up WhatsApp on my computer and then click away.

Starting a text thread with yourself is the same process as texting anyone else. You’ll tap the New Chat icon, and your own contact will be available at the top of the list with a status of “Message yourself.” Tap on your contact and you can start texting from there.

WhatsApp began rolling out the feature globally this week, and it should show up within the app when available.

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