You Can Now Bundle YouTube TV With Frontier Internet in One Bill

YouTube TV and Frontier are getting even cozier. The streaming service and the internet company will now offer customers the ability to pay for both services under one bill. Now, existing Frontier internet users are eligible for $10 per month off a YouTube TV subscription for a year, while Frontier TV customers get $15 per month off for 12 months of service. 

The partnership between Frontier and YouTube TV began in 2021 and allowed Frontier customers to add YouTube TV as part of their other cable services — though they still had to pay both providers separately. 

“Our partnership with YouTube TV makes it easier for customers to ditch cable,” John Harrobin, Frontier’s executive vice president of consumer, said in a blog post on Monday. 

Frontier Cable is currently available in 25 states across the US, though the majority of its coverage is in the midwest. Frontier’s fiber internet coverage is only available in 15 states and is mostly restricted to major metropolitan areas.

YouTube TV partners with other cable companies, including Verizon, to offer similar services. The partnership with Verizon began in 2019 and was offered to its wireless, 5G home and Fios customers.

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